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CableGuy’s TK Helmet interior (inc. EVA foam sheets, blower fans, power bank)

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Hi all,


After posting on other threads, I’ve had a few PMs regarding what I used to line the interior of my RWA TK lid. So, here we go... 


I take no credit for the idea - I saw a fellow UK Garrison member (CTID here on FISD) using this method and really liked the results.


So, the main lining is Black A4 Size Eva Self Adhesive Foam Sheets. They can be easily cut to size, easy to adhere and give a really nice finish.


Another thing I really like about this method is that you can use existing or additions strips of this foam to conceal internal wiring.













From the outside, especially lower angles (child view), there is no internal white on show.






The fan system is self built. The 5v blower fans are powered by a cylindrical Anker powerbank which fits nicely in the “cheek/tube”. Individual switches allow for flexibility.




Any questions, do let me know. :duim:


Best wishes,





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2 minutes ago, hollowbodies said:

What a great thread! Thanks for sharing, very helpful!! :)

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Thanks, David. No worries. :duim:

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3 hours ago, Dracotrooper said:

Wow, you can do so much with the helmet! Nice work, I’m inspired emoji2.png


2 hours ago, Harbinger said:

Nice work, a different approach than I took but end result is superb all the same.



Thank you, chaps. Much appreciated. :duim:

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Just now, CTID said:

I'm at MCM on Saturday. Come over and say hi mate. Be good to finally meet!

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I certainly will, mate. Looking forward to it. :jc_doublethumbup:

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