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With the build and modifications now all done, and TJ_fem  trooping hard for the UKG thought I would post up pictures of all the parts in there finished state. I will try and develop a contents tab with links over time just to make navigating the thread easier.


For Anyone  making the Legacy Era trooper past or present please feel free to drop me a p.m. or post if you have any questions or looking for advice will always try and help out if i can.


Thanks for looking 


Martyn  AKA TK42413 

































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Well TJ_Fem aka TK13570 has surpassed 50 troops its time for some refurb and repair which I will document in the next few posts will hopefully highlight any weak points that can be strengthened to start with during a build.
Also taken a short video clip of each armour part which you can find here


Hope this helps some of you out

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Hello Martyn,

Thank you for your tutorial. I have a question regarding the photo (above) of the thigh armor. Upon closer inspection, it looks as though one of them incorporates the extra plastic that is typically trimmed away for the overlap of the butt joint. I need to apply this method on both thighs since they are too snug on me. Would it still be approvable? Did you have any problems with it. It will leave two lines on my inner thighs, instead of the single butt joint line. Please advise. Thank you!

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Hi Nancy, with this build yeah only one thigh needed to be adjusted and I will get you a pic of the inside to show how we did this build so it left us with no real issues and didn’t cause a problem with approval but funny enough I have just helped another legacy join the 501st who had this issue on the thighs and calves/shins, let me dig out those pics as well and I will pull together a storyboard to explain what we did to make them sit and fit really nice and also how to eliminate one of the lines, especially if it needs to be on the outside as well. The pics below are just a quick reference


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Thank you! I can use all the help I can get! Had trouble with one of the calves because I cut on the trim line, and when it overlapped at the ankle, I cut too much away, and now I need the extra plastic to make a good Velcro to Velcro contact. 

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