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Coil requesting preapproval review (TM ANH)


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Name:  Andreas Engstrom

Garrison:  Nordic Garrison

Armor maker:  TM

Helmet maker:  TM

Cloth belt maker:  Trooperbay

Neck seal maker:  Darman

Boot maker:  TK boots

Height:  190 cm

Weight: 85 kg

TK type:  ANH stunt


Feedback appreciated especially on positioning of thighs, up or down?


Forearms and biceps. Increase distance between them? Drop both?


Shoulder bells feel like they are about as close as I can get them with the width of my shoulders.


Is the small gap between back and kidney ok?


Goal is to go for higher levels of approval in the end.



















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Nice work, forearms/biceps could come down a little but not a major issue.


Thighs at different heights in back photo.


Looks like the left shoulder bell has a big dent in it in back photo?


Good luck with spproval

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Overall great looking build Andreas! You could lower both biceps and forearms. You have a big gap between handguard and forearm. Shorter straps could close back and Kidney gaps. 

From the pictures you should get entry in the 501st. I only notice a couple of other things and they aren't relevant for approval more of a look issue. The coverstrip on your front left thigh is a little too long and your drop boxes look thick. I'm not 100% on this but I will find out for future. The drop box is 15mm thick I believe. Again a look thing.


Best of Luck on your approval and we're here waiting for the good news Brother!

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Looks like a good build. Nice job on the helmet. Just a couple of small things that I noticed, as said before just move the forearms and biceps down a little. Check your thigh straps and just make them so that the thigh's sit on the same height. The cover strips on the fronts of everything should be even with the ends of the armor. These are just some minor things I saw.  Good luck on your submission.   

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Thanks. Will drop bicep and forearm a bit. I do have rather long arms. The thighs are easily adjustable with the garter.


I will measure the drop boxes but they are probably more than 15 mm. Good thing I used E6000. :)


Dave, credit for the helmet goes to TM. I had him build it since I didn’t feel confident doing that myself. The rest is me though (good and bad).

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8 hours ago, gmrhodes13 said:

Looks like the left shoulder bell has a big dent in it in back photo?


Must be a weird shadow and reflection. Both bells look about the same and have no damage.

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Hiya. Have to echo the others. Great looking armour, and fits you really well.
The only thing I’d add, which could be a lighting thing, but it looks like there might be some return edge left on the main belt.


As per the ref pic, ideally there should be only a small gap between the top and bottom of the belt boxes. I’ve seen that mentioned in either EIB or Centurion so might be worth bearing in mind. :-)

Again, great build!! :-)

Best wishes,

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So, I have made som changes and submitted to my GML. Dropped biceps and fore arms a little to get a more reasonable distance from the hand guard. Tigthened the elastic between back and kidney. Reduced the thickness of the drop boxes and adjusted the position of the hip.


Thanks for the help. :smiley-sw013:




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