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ImperialBrewer Requesting Pre Approval Review (RWA Creations)

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Name:  Michael Tangen

Garrison:  Central Garrison - Minnesota Wolf Pack 

Armor maker:  Ross Walmsley of RWA Creations

Helmet maker:  RWA

Cloth belt maker:  RWA  

Neck seal maker:  RWA  

Boot maker:  N/A - just some crappy boots I bought on Amazon that ended up having a seam on the front, the photos on Amazon didn't show the seam.  These boots are also just temporary until I finish painting/dying my centurion-compliant boots.

Height:  5' 10"

Weight: 213 lbs

TK type:  ANH stunt

Build thread

Assistance:  Ross Walmsley and the others at his Facebook page were immensely helpful in terms of providing advice, guidance, and feedback.  Also, a huge shout-out to Ross who sent a free replacement helmet (already assembled) when I had messed up my first attempt at assembling it.  Other than that, the entire build was done on my own, relying heavily on guidance through videos and Facebook.



(Full gallery can be seen here)


Front view: 



Back view:



Left side:



Right side:



Ab plate close-up:



Helmet (front):



Helmet (left):



Helmet (right):



Helmet (back):



Interior strapping:




Belt/detonator question: Where exactly is the belt supposed to rest when it wraps towards the back?  Also, how is the detonator typically secured to the belt so that it doesn't slide around?



Question on the back: is that too much of a gap in the back knees or is this acceptable?







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Hi Michael, good job getting your build completed.


TD is held in place via friction. If it moves around, either your belt is too loose or the alumin clips beed to be bent tighter to hold it on, or both.


Belt should be level horizontally so where it lays is where it lays, don’t worry about whether it covers the gap or not IMO.


A couple things to keep in mind should you choose to apply for EI/Centurion (and you should, you’re almost there!):

- You’ll need to shim to close up the ab/kidney gap on your sides, there ideally should be little to no gap, Centurion you’ll need no gap

- Top of belt should come up to bottom of lowest button on ab plate

- Drop boxes should be aligned with ends of belt


I’m on my phone so its difficult to post reference images, hope this makes sense without. Good luck on pre-approval but I think you are on the right track!

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Overall my first thought is that it looks good.  The items that jumped out at me where that the thigh looks like it could be tapered a bit more at the bottom (not uncommon on larger folk).  The other is that is the kidney upside down?


For the side gaps they are not required to be closed for basic 501st approval so they can't gig you on that, but like everyone says it will greatly enhance the look of your costume. 

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Really nice job on that armor, and great to hear that you are aiming for Centurion!  

As mentioned, for that level you will need to bring the front of the belt up to at least touch the bottom of the ab button plate (photo 1).  It can even overlap it a bit.  This will help in evening it out.

For the TD, a simple fix is to add some strips of 1 inch wide white Velcro to the inside (see second photo) which will keep it from sliding.  Be sure to use the "fuzzy" side, though.

When you get ready to shim the sides let us know.. there are a few tutorials on this that will help.

Good luck on your approval, Michael, and let us know when you get your official TK ID number!


QWYTQeO.jpg?1        sUiGJqX.jpg?4

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3 hours ago, Daetrin said:

The other is that is the kidney upside down?


No, it's allright. Have a look on the strapping image: the cut out notches are on the right place. Just looks a bit unusual because of the missing shims.

I'd recommend you to affix your belt with snaps on the front. This way it can't slide down.

Other than that, you look great! :)

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Hi Michael.  You have done a nice job putting your armor together.  There is nothing really screaming at me that would prevent you from gaining basic approval.  The other troopers have covered aspects that would need attention if you were looking to go towards Expert Infantry and Centurion.  One other thing that I noticed that shouldn't effect any approval but would just effect functionality is that you sniper plate may need to be adjusted.  It looks like it may be too close to your knee cap and in turn will get caught under your thigh when you are walking sometimes.  A way you could fix this is to angle the sniper plate downward more or glue some spare ABS plastic together to make it like an inch thick and glue it onto your shin behind the sniper plate to move it outwards more.  Overall you did a nice job.

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