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I Need Help Modifying My Armor Build


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Hi, I'm trying to join the 501st with the ESB build and I have the armor set and everything but I was told that I need to start trimming most the armor. The liaison officer also said that there should be gaps between the armor pieces. This is my first time doing anything like this so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone could tell me what tool to use to trim the armor, that'd be great. Here is a photo so you know what it looks like currently. If you guys need more photos, please let me know.


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Having gaps between the armor pieces is not required. In fact, I'm of the opinion that the less undersuit showing, the better looking the trooper. Conversely, the more black undersuit you have showing the more mobile you tend to be. So it's a tradeoff between appearance and functionality. In the end, how much gap you have will depend mostly on your height and how you have your kit trimmed. Looking at your photo, I'm guessing you are fairly short.


Having said that, you're going to want to do some trimming on your kit. In particular at the tops of the thighs, and on either the biceps or forearms (or both). I can't see you having much if any mobility the way your kit is now. You don't need to be able to do acrobatics in your kit, but you should at least be able to walk comfortably, climb/descend stairs, drink from a water bottle, and put on/remove your helmet without assistance.


As for tools, a set of Lexan hobby scissors (both curved and straight), a metal ruler, a sharp blade (such as a box cutter), and some sandpaper should be all you need to get the job done. You can get the scissors from Amazon or from a local hobby shop that specializes in plastic modeling (cars, tanks, airplanes, etc.). 


On a side note, you'll also want to shorten the straps that connect the shoulder bells to the back/chest connection. Ideally, the shoulder bells should be touching the ribbed plastic shoulder bridges.

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Hard to tell from pics but it looks like you torso is a bit big/long? The crotch area should be snug against ”you know what” :P There are several ways in shortening the torso, cutting the neck line to raise the whole thing, adjusting the ab to chest connection or cut the cod piece. There are some good threads on how to do it, I recommend you read up on Crickets threads (there’s 2) on ANH build threads, the forearms also look big, is there alot of room? The hand idealy just barerly squeezes through the wrist - good luck :salute:

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I agree the torso looks a little long.  I'd try raising it up first, then cutting if more shortening is needed (top is easiest to trim, because you won't see it, and the cod remains proportional to the rest of the suit).  Also a very common problem is that your sniper plate wants to go under your thigh piece- I've had it, I've know at least four other TKs with this issue, it's just a thing.  We all used the same trick- fold up a cheap washcloth (like from the dollar store) or medium-to-high density craft foam (if you have any lying around), tape it up (white duct tape- a necessary standard for any TK bin), and then tape it in the front of the shin.  It will punch out the sniper plate and keep it from going under the thigh.  


This can also happen if your thighs are a bit big- the more fitted they are, the less you have to punch out the sniper plate.  


How much extra room do you have in the forearms?  They look like they could be taken in a little (not too much- you want to be able to get your hand through).  


Also, huzzah, another ESB!  

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So I've made some more adjustments to the armor and resubmitted the photos but the regional liaison said there were some fitting issues and that my holster needs to be attached to my belt. If I could get some more advice, I'd really appreciate it. Here are some of the photos.


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Looks like your ABS belt is not connected to the snaps on your ab plate. That will change its positioning significantly.


The holster should not be attached other than by the loops. It is possible that the GML may be thinking of another CRL (namely the ANH Stunt, as it is the most common TK).


From the ESB TK CRL:

For 501st approval:

Holster is worn on right side of belt. Holster will be made of completely black leather or leather-like material and be worn on the right and affixed via two black loops over the belt (no fasteners).

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