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Department of Child Protection Christmas Party

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EVENT: Department of Child Protection Christmas Party


LOCATION: Keith Maine Reserve, Whiteman Park


DATE: 20th December 2017


TIME: 1:15pm - 4:00pm


LANDSCAPE/WEATHER: Outdoors, Sunny with a comfortable breeze.


TK85421 - gmrhodes13 - Glen
SL51164 - Stuart - DV64
TK59226 - Jerry - jezzapm
IC36367 - Luke - Gyurizon
DZ11880 - Patricia - RoyalRebel


Rebel Legion
Rey - Bree
Jedi - Tex




REPORT: 'We came, we had 3 photos, we left' - A Stormtrooper


We rocked up early around 1:15, met up and headed to the changeroom and chatted about our imperial and rebel exploits since we last saw each other at the premiere - trying to avoid spoilers for Jerry and Marie, who hadn't seen the movie yet.


Looking out the windows, it was pretty quiet, there wasn't many children in attendance yet, but around 2:00 we headed out.


Initially we had a few photos with younglings and their master, but it quickly quietened down - so two jedi, a jawa and a crewmember took a ride on 'grass-train', which caught the attention of everybody and made many more smiles all around.


Shortly after, Lord Vader emerged from his change-room, after initially holding back to avoid the heat. He expected a lot more attention than us, but he too only received an initial spur, and was then left in peace... we should know peace is a jedi trait... I'm not sure he liked that. A fire truck then rolled up and gathered the attention of the small crowd, so we took the opportunity to take a short break.


Before the firetruck left, we came back out for a few photos with Firemen and their truck. It was still very quiet, but gave us lots of opportunity to chat and mess around - I confiscated lightsabers from jedi a few times, but it seems they got the better of me with my blaster. Near the end, a lovely young girl came up and talked to us, and asked us all our names and how we were one at a time. We were then called to the steps of the main building to have some final photos and were offered some pizza afterward which we gladly accepted.


We then headed off for some cool beverages to celebrate a quiet, yet enjoyable troop.


CHARITY: As of yet, an unknown sum to be donated to Guide Dogs WA




UNHAPPY PEOPLE: Opposite of Everyone




REPORT BY: Luke M - IC36367











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