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Battlefront II Release Rockingham

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Event: Battlefront II Release Rockingham

Location: EB Games

Date: 18/11/17

Time: 10.13 am to 11.34 am

Landscape: Indoors



GA are NA

Report: The morning started with a medium mocha plus a ham and cheese croissant, tasty. We had arranged to meet early for breakfast Jerry and Marie arrived at the crack of dawn, Em and I followed by Q and Liz.
We kitted up and on route we met up with Santa. It was awesome as he approached us, maybe we were pulling a bigger crowd I could not tell as there were too many photo requests.
The shopping centre had invited Santa to take time out from his busy pre Christmas prep, apparently he had some time spare so he thought to hang out at Rocky shops, why not!!!
We gave Santa the flick and onwards we went to EB Games, some pics taken, laughs had, not to many tears seen.
The shopping centre were chuffed with our costume standard and as they had paid costumers to assist Santa as his elves were too busy making gifts for good boys and girls they wanted to make a donation to any nominated charity,$300 on its way to Guide Dogs WA(still to be collected)
11.30 came around fairly quick, time to call it a day. Strawberry thick shake was great, the banana bran muffin I didn't finish,was a little dry.
Farewells were said and Q went off dress shopping, with Liz I think. Marie shopped like she was on a mission, Jerry waited patiently.

Charity: Guide Dogs WA $300, still to be collected.

Injuries: None

Armour repair: None

Happy People: Lots

Unhappy People: Few

Mission Status: Complete

Report by: DV64




















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Keep stylin’n’profilin Glen

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