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JDRF One Walk

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LOCATION: Burswood Park

ADDRESS: Burswood

DATE: 19th November

Arrival: 8.00
Troop: 8.30 until 10am

LANDSCAPE/WEATHER: Outdoors mostly sunny then a little overcast

TROOPERS: gmrhodes13 - Q - TK85421
jezzapm - Jerry - TK59226
Gyurizon - Luke - IC36367
Volksjager - Jason - TI86557
Flocky - Peter - TI98311


REPORT: Arrived at 7:45am and Jason was already there. Quickly Jerry, Luke and Glen arrived and we all parked together. Carpark change ensued and we had a photo under the trees adjacent to the cars. We then proceeded to the JDRF one walk compound and photos with imperial citizens began. The volunteer staff and ambulance officers had a few photos as well as the imperial citizens doing the walk for JDRF. We had a Jedi team who's son had a birthday so we strolled over there to maintain order and happiness in the Emperors name.
The crowd was warmed up by the MC with Zumba and we got announced correctly the first time as Desert Scorpion Garrison but then after that we became Desert Storm Garrison a few times. Some well known (not to me) TV handyman spotted us and while on the mic gave us a shout out. We waved back.

The walk began and Jerry went over to tell the 10,000 strong crowd to move along. Few more photos at the start line and then the imperial populace had walked off as they were told.

A vendor then came over and offered muffins!!! We got two blueberry, 2 chocolate, a choc chip and I can't remember that last flavour. Flavours were sorted by Liz and dished out. We walked back to our imperial transports and began to eat muffins after helmet removal except for Luke who could it his straight away.

We changed and did some weapon deals in the car park with Luke acquiring and E-11.

Jerry not resting on his laurels decided after being the troopers trooper to be even more screen accurate he bump his head on the tailgate of Luke's car. I think Jerry has some of Jango Fett DNA still left in him.

Good to see Q back on his feet after not feeling well. We acknowledge your efforts brother.


INJURIES: Jerry in an attempt to be screen accurate whacked his head on Luke's boot


HAPPY PEOPLE: Very happy people.

UNHAPPY PEOPLE: 2 or 3 little ones a little too scared. But they should see us with the helmets off. Even worse.

MISSION STATUS: complete. Event under Imperial occupation.







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Way to go!  Diabetes runs in my family, and if I'm blessed to live as long as my elders I'll be injecting at some point in my life.  These are brave kids who have to learn to live with it much earlier and it's great to see them supported.


In case anyone is aware, JDRF has been kind of the unofficial charity of FISD since the early days.

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Great cause, and excellent job Glen

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