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Battlefront II Release EB Games Mandurah

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TROOP: Battlefront II Release - EB Games (LFL APPROVED)

LOCATION: Mandurah Forum

DATE: Friday 17th November 2017

TIME: 2.00pm to 5.00pm


TK85421 - Q - gmrhodes13
TI86557 - Jason - Volksjager
TK59226 - Jerry - Jezzapm
DZ11880 - Patricia - RoyalRebel
TD47606 - Ian - Axiscommander


GA (galactic academy): non

REPORT: We arrived at Mandurah Forum, after all gathering at EB, we headed off to the center management office to get prepared, Poor Sandy kept putting things on in the wrong order, but he got there in the end, lol.

Once out on the floor of the forum, in front of the store, We smiled and waved. posed for photos and selfies. TK85421 had his groove on and showed us all how to bust a move.

While TK59226 decided he found the perfect spot to be a statue, and OH the scares where fabulous.

Our Tie Pilot seemed to have been giving and unofficial promotion to Lord Vadar. I think he was happy about that.

TD47606 got a sore voice from explaining he was Dirty as he actually did work, and the others were on a nice clean Death star in their offices and lunch room, and do not know what real hard work is.

The Jawa of course, scared and freaked people, and followed people threw the store.
All in all a very successful and fun Troop.


INJURIES: only the feeling of a Sandy That kept getting asked why he was dirty, and every one else was clean.


HAPPY PEOPLE: EB Games, were extremely happy, Many Many Parents and even Kids were happy, Santa was event Happy

UNHAPPY PEOPLE: A few scared Kids, and not all scared by the Jawa.






"Yes Santa I am thankful for the copy of Battlefront II but I'm still going to need my blaster back"



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5 hours ago, Dracotrooper said:

Wow, that's really cool - trooping at game release, I never thought of that. Thanks for sharing and great pictures!

On a few occasions during the year LFL allow us to attend retail locations, May 4th, Force Friday, Movie releases and also game releases, the public do love our attendance :D

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"Well Santa I would like a speeder bike, tie pilot armor, new first order armor, some lego and a partridge in a pear tree"



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Yep, slightly jealous of that troop - looks like a lot of fun.

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