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Perth Children's Hospital Foundation Big Walk

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EVENT: Perth Children's Hospital Foundation Big Walk

LOCATION: Burswood park

DATE: 12th November 2017

TIME: 7:30am to 9:30 troop time.

LANDSCAPE/WEATHER: Outdoors, shade from some tree's and a very light breeze


TK-85421 - Q
TK-59226 - Jezzapm
TI-86557 - Volksjager


REPORT: Nice clear day today though we were expecting a hot one again, lucky we started early. Troopers arrived just after 7am and promptly kitted up and got into the action.

As soon as we arrived on the scene the photo requests started. After the first few we decided to do a quick patrol and kept the peace in the growing crowd of Imperial citizens. We were then asked to go over to the start line to help wave off the first of the walkers, the 15km event.

After more photo's, high fives and general awesomeness the crowd were gone and the 6km event crowd started to build. There were a lot more younglings in this group and the photo's started again. When the stage show started before the event start, Jerry made his way over to the stage to help do the Dolphin dance with Stitches the Bear, while Q and I got stopped for more pictures.

Once the 6km Event was underway the crowds were gone and it was time for us to call it a day and head back to the vehicles to de kit and re hydrate. Best part of the troop, I only got called Darth Vader once! :D

CHARITY: PCHF - No collection



HAPPY PEOPLE: Big kids, small kids, everyone!

UNHAPPY PEOPLE: A couple of younger kids were a bit wary


REPORT BY: Ti-86557








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These types of events always rock- nice work mate!

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