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CRL Models Needed!!!

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As you know, the Kyber and Jedha Rogue 1 troopers are going to be calling the MEPD home.  We are working on the CRL now.  If anyone here has either of the packs and armor and is willing to be our models, please let me know ASAP.  We'd love to get this done soon.


I'll check back on this thread, so post here and we'll be in touch.

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I don't have the backpack, but have a pretty close to accurate pauldron and almost completed armor. The only major inaccuracy with the cauldron is that the underside isn't white. however I figure that if a picture's taken, a little photoshop can make it the white color. Here's a pic.


Yes the pauldron is on the wrong side. Accidental. I'll be making some accuracy adjustments in the coming days, like making the 2 middle belt boxes thinner.


I should note however that I haven't submitted my costume for approval yet. I still have 1 month to go before 18. But I was planning on submitting the pics sometime halfway through the month.


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