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Boo at the Zoo

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Troop Report : BOO at the ZOO

Location: Perth Zoo
Date : 28/10/17
Time : 1700 to 2000

Landscape: Outdoors in main grassed picnic area near entrance.
Weather: Cloudy and windy with some rain (nothing new for Zoo troops apparently)

Q - TK85421 (Pumpkin trooper)
Volksjager - TI86557
Gyurizon - IC36367
DV64 - SL51164
Flocky - TI98311
jezzapm - TK59226
AusTex - ID12076
Sndeath - TI14240
Chivo - TK4582
Tahlzy - TD84001
ImperialKanos - IG21897
StormieT - TK24812
Stretch - DZ4471
Whereswa11y - TB20074
Slash - BH10690
Wolvator M Dracutus - ID17001
Bradnewland - TD71976
Axiscommander - TD47606

Liz - TB13310

Report: It was a cold and rainy afternoon but that didn't discourage any halloweeners coming out for a great night out. Plenty of mingling, lots of photos, DJ. Lots of fantastic costumes and plenty of smiles all round.


Our naughty Jawa scared a small child so much he wet himself, which we have had a command discussion and now on the official cry table, making a child wet itself is now counted as 10 making a child cry ;)

I was playing mannequin again and had a few great scares, the best was a woman and her two kids, they came around the corner and looked at me, the woman started poking me so I poked back, a massive scream and she ran off with one of her younglings and left the other in the pram, I yelled "did you want to come back for your child", she eventually did after regaining her composure.

There was also a pesky Padawan with a light saber who continually try taunting Plunk and Q, they fired at him on multiple occasions but he was just to fast for them. When they where about to leave his parents thanked them for playing along with him, that was a first.


This was only my second time trooping but I felt privileged to participate in another fabulous event. Thanks to everyone that made it.


Now to wash those wet undersuits and they aren't wet from sweating for a change.

Injuries: None that I'm aware of.

Armour repairs: None that I'm aware of.

Happy people: Everybody that I could see.

Unhappy people: None that I'm aware of.

Mission status: Completed.

Report by: TD71976. (Aka Bradnewland)

Thanks fellow troopers. Hope this Report is up to standards.
It's my first one. $^&






"Are you my Daddy"










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Very well done as always Glen!

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