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ESB Stormtrooper Feedback


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Hey all,


Just received basic approval on my ESB variant TK.  I'd love some feedback in how I could improve it before I submit my EIB.


One thing I noticed when wearing it was the gloves (rubber with clamshell) "tilted" forward if I made a fist or the glove slid forward.  I might try and solve it with some velcro on the backside on the gloves, but does anyone have a better suggestion on correcting that?  I may just stitch some for trooping.














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Looks awesome! In addition to the over-the-palm elastic on the clamshell hand plates, I also used industrial strength velcro to keep them in place. Works really well. It also allows you to remove the hand plates and put them on a glove more comfortable for trooping, like the nomex ones most people use.

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Your thighs look like they may be a bit high and are smashing into your belt in the front and the butt plate in the back.   That will get uncomfortable really quick.  I would trim the metal TD clips so they are not showing from under the belt.  I don't believe that you need the straps around the biceps as they are not in the crl.  Just my opinion and what I see.  I'll defer to the experts here though.  Other than that, great job on the build. 

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