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TFA FOTK bucket - TLJ mod


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ok figured it out.... so over the last week or so, I've gotten a lot of work done on my KB Props TLJ FO bucket...it will become a FOJE.  I used Rustoleum 2X white gloss for the base white after priming, and then so far Testors FL Black for the brow/teeth/grill area and Testors GL Black for the lens area and ear area.  I bought FL Black and GL Black spray paint but saw using Testors/hand painting was easier...

After I remove the tape, I know I'll have some touch ups to do...but at this point it's looking more like a bucket!

I plan on using a hard hat liner for the inside w/foam as well...also need to install the lens...etc...














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Yes the links do work, just easier to look at a thread and see the actual images, rather than clicking on each individual link.

You may find you get more feedback and more detailed responses if the photos are immediately visible. :)

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2 minutes ago, JAFO said:

Nice work Sam emoji106.png You’ll have this nailed in no time.

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thanks Darren!  this is only my 2nd time painting a bucket.....my first was the Shoretrooper.  After I remove most of the tape, I'll do whatever cleanup/touchups are left and that should conclude the painting...then the rest is easy!

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