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Penn State Children's Hospital Troop

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It has been some time since I posted a mission report. But, this one was special. For me, this was my 1st Hospital Troop and it was a very rewarding and enlightening experience. All I can really say is that I feel privileged to be part of this organization. THIS TROOP, is what being a Stormtrooper is ALL ABOUT! (side note, tried enticing my fellow TK's to apply for EIB ;)

Mission Report Details: 



First hospital troop for many and I felt it went very well. We made so many kids (and their parents) smile. Many visitors and staff were surprised to see us and loved that we stopped by. Nothing beats having 4 sharp looking Stormtroopers patrolling the hallways and rooms.





Joe Fencil TK12060

Bill Miller TK10802

Preston Christman TK91488

John Murphy TK16033

Emily Murphy - Squire


I met Matt Stoner last Wednesday so he could pass the toys and some of his personal stash to me for the hospital. Matt thanks for meeting me in Dillsburg.


Emily and I arrived at 8:30am to scope out the area and make sure I knew the area. Everyone arrived by 9am and dropped off there totes with me while they parked their cars. We were supposed to meet Sarah Miller but she couldn’t be here today. Katie and Olivia met us and showed us to our room to change.


Katie and Olivia worked with Emily acquiring carts for the toys and arranging them on the carts.


I requested water so we could hydrate prior.


We went to about 20 rooms and walked by another 15-20 (we couldn’t go in those rooms but waved from outside the rooms). About 75% of the children we visited were toddlers or younger.


We finished all the rooms in an hour and then walked from the hospital taking pictures with visitors and other patients. We then posed for some fun photos. Thank you Emily Murphy for posing us and taking wonderful pictures.


We left half of the extra toys ( they won’t take them all ) with them so they could give the kids we weren’t able to see.


After troop Shenanigans we went to Troegs and and hung out and relaxed.


Good troop, good friends, and good times!


Thanks everyone!


Here are a few pictures from the troop!

REPORT BY -John Murphy TK16033


















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Nice work! I’ll be back at the hospital troop as well later this week, so rewarding.

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