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Bricktober 2017 Day 1

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EVENT: Bricktober Day 1

LOCATION: Curtin Stadium, Kent St, Bentley

DATE: 7th October 2017

TIME: 9.00am-3.30pm


TK10469 - Ben
TK85421 - Q
TB13310 - Liz

Shadow Collective Deathwatch - Luke

REPORT: Liz and I arrived early with Ben shortly behind us, we scoped our change area and decided to take over the green room as an imperial command area, all the cream biscuits you could eat, coffee, tea, cool drinks, water whatever a thirsty trooper would need, not sure what that fresh green, orange and yellow stuff was in the bowl though.

We decided to have a quick look around the Lego displays before trooping as it was still quiet. This year Ben was hoping to get one of his creations (SPACESHIP) on display but due to some bureaucratic red tape was unable to be included. After an inspirational walk around (pilfering ideas) we will be looking at submitting a 501st table Lego (Lepin) display for next year, more info to come on the forum soon, full of ideas we thought we should head back to our change area and kit up.

We got to the hall area which was now full of younglings, as per usual lots of photos, handshakes and high fives. Our bikerscout decided to join some of the younglings on the colouring table, which kept her out of trouble for some time. Luke appeared shortly after with armour in hand and was directed to the change area. Crowd was pretty constant due to the timed entry system so we ended up taking it in shifts to have breaks and lunch so at least a couple of us would still be on the floor, the lovely Bricktober people supplying us with hot dogs YUM.

We had a blow in form Gero come say hi, Amanda was down in Perth for a Hockey weekend, great to see her there.

After lunch Liz decided to wrangle for us so we could get some photos.

My favourite fan from the previous year returned, a young girl in a star wars dress, she carries a plush Stormtrooper and Vader and always comes for a photo, she was very pleased that she was recognised and her mother couldn't believe it was the same Stormtrooper from the previous year. Ben took a break at 1pm when the lovely Paula arrived and they went for a look around the displays.

Funny to us but not to Luke, we overheard several parents saying to their children "do you want photos with the Stormtroopers" the kids would say yes, then the parent would say "and what about Iron Man too", some just not understanding Luke's costume.

Luke decided to finish around 2.30 so we headed back with him for a break, while walking past a metal post I noticed Luke's hand fling sideways, thinking he was waving to a child, but no the magnets behind his hand plate locked on solid to the post, we got him free and luckily as my only other option was to just cut off his arm, doesn't seem to be an issue in Star Wars movies ;).

Got back to the hall and Ben returned shortly afterwards, we did try to confiscate some Star Wars lego from some of the displays but unfortunately while planning our attack it was pointed out we had our comms had been on loudspeaker so everyone could hear DOH.

We kept going until 3.30 and it was starting to quiet down so we called it a day.

Looking forward to day too.

INJURIES: Normal aches and pains




UNHAPPY PEOPLE: A couple of tears

MISSION STATUS: Day 1 complete












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Wish we had a LEGO event - until that time I will live vicariously through you Glen

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