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$99 F-11D with LEDs... too good to be true?


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I got my F11-D and SE-44C they are really great quality for the price. I’m going to be sanding down the 3D print lines though and doing some repainting afterward so I can get them even closer to screen quality. But based on what I’m seeing of pricing for other options it’s going to be the best option unless you jump to a $400 ready made resin blaster of sorts.

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If anyone is still interested in this, I am about to run a flash sale here at some point this month with this pricing. 


I'm giving you guys first dibs though before the other orders swarm in, use promo code FISD50 to get 50% off either the regular F-11Ds or the combo. :)


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Ordered am F11 from Heston back at the beginning of November...can not wait to receive this as my fotk is coming along nicely and this should finish it off quite well..

Hoping he's not too far behind with orders


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