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Force Friday II at Target Cannington

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EVENT: Force Friday II at Target

LOCATION: Westfield Carousel, Cannington

DATE: 1/9/17

TIME: 11:00AM -1:00PM


TK85421 - Glen - Q
IC36367 - Luke - Gyurizon
SL51164 - Stuart - DV64
TI86557 - Jason - Volksjager
IG21897 - Johnathon - ImperialKanos
ID559226 - Jerry - Jezzapm

REPORT: Our Imperial unit rolled up for our second troop of the day, after already opening at Toys'R'Us. We had just had some snacks and a break to refuel and were ready to get going again. After being guided by a manager we signed in, and headed to our change area. When we were ready, we were guided out for some photos with the new merchandise for the manager (although they only had the Lego).
We then advanced to the entrance of the store. Vader stayed to the side of the entrance, where Jerry frequently took photos of him for people. The rest of us stood in front of the entrance, attracting shoppers as they went past for photos, or taking photos with people on their way into the store. Glen played the statues game, occasionally surprising people when they thought he was just a mannequin, which brightened the day for many people.
Occasionally we took a wander around the store to stretch our legs, and have a little break, and Vader took a few breaks. From 12:00 it started to quiet down, and when it hit 1:00 we called it a day and headed back to the change-room.


HAPPY PEOPLE: Everyone who had photos with us enjoyed our Imperial presence.

UNHAPPY PEOPLE: A few scared younglings and maybe a few scared adults also.


REPORT BY: Luke - IC36367



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