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Hello Brian, 


The FX amor is still approvable. The eFX helmet will need some modifications for approval. I suggest that you get yourself another helmet if you want to go in the route. AP has sometimes B-Grade helmet not to expensive and you can't really tell where the defects are on the helmet. 

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If you're purchasing the armour second hand, it should also be noted that you will require modifications to make it approvable to your body.


It's not automatically approved once you buy it, you still need to apply yourself.


The eFX helmet just doesn't look right, I would honestly get an entirely new helmet. Even with mods it's "meh" at best.


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Best my local squad could figure out of my armor was that is it an FX as well. I got it used very cheap and trimmed it for me. I did not get his helmet and got a different one. It worked out and I got approved with it. 


Here is my first post asking about it. It has some pictures you can compare.



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Doesn't hurt to contact your GML (garrison membership liaison) after all he/she will be the one ultimately looking at your costume application ;)

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Hello Brian and Welcome to the FISD.


I'm the local armorer here in the Bay Area.   Please share your armor pictures here so we can help you review and decide what's best.

Looking forward to see what you have.



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