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Incoming transmission from New Zealand


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Hi guys!


Just had my TK approved and are looking forward to the next stages of approval.


It was about a year ago when I contacted our local Outpost and joined up for some wrangling duties.  Initially I was on the hunt for a 2nd hand or pre-build TK because I was not confident in my hobby skills.   Within a couple of months I had put together a Staff Officer uniform so I would look the part wrangling.

I ordered a TK helmet from ATA (no waitlist) and absolutely loved putting it all together.  The bug had bitten.  So I ordered the ATA armor and started the long 10month wait.


Then about 2 months after ordering,  RS Propmasters had a super special deal which I grabbed and within days a big brown box was sitting on my doorstep.   Best few weeks I've ever had... frustration, anger, delight, rage, research, giving up, trying again.

FISD has been such a wonderful resource and everyone has been so helpful.   Glad to be part of the ranks. :)



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Congrats and welcome to the ranks trooper, now go kill some rebels, ok I meant go miss some rebels ;)

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I always enjoy hearing the story of how it all happened. Although we all have different versions, there are always enough commonalities which bind us all as brothers in... er... ABS. :)  
Congrats on your approval and welcome to the next stage of your adventure!  

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Hi Jared and welcome to FISD!  Congrats on your approval. Make sure you request 501st access in the appropriate thread. You armor is looking very nice sir!  Check out the advanced tactics section. You will learn about the Expert Infantry and Centurion programs. They are both very rewarding programs. Have fun going out there and trooping. There is nothing like it!

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