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Leather and good price boots from Gio (crowprops)

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UPDATE: work in progress is finished and this is the result, I think you will like them:




Hello, I am making shoes under request for hard to find sizes over 6 years, I think I am ready to jump to the TK boots stage, I wanted to make a soft, genuine leather and cheap option, I readed the CRL and I think my design complies with the requeriments. I am sure will work with the basic level and may be to the other levels, thats why I am posting here to hear the authorized opinions about.

In the specs we have:

- Rubber Soles

- Genuine Leather

- White elastic webbing (not black painted)

- No seams in the toe

- No buckles 

- No belts or straps

- Talon reinforced

- SIZES from 3.5 US (35 eu) to 15 US (50 eu)

- COST: 60 usd plus shipping


We are based in Ecuador (Southamerica) and we can send via Standard or Express Mail Service


Thanks for look




P.S.: This are test pics of the first test boot, bear with me about the poor quality pics.








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Nice work, the V shapes on the sides are a little weird though, not seen those before.


Elastic on the sides does look a little low to the soles.

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9 hours ago, gmrhodes13 said:

Nice work, the V shapes on the sides are a little weird though, not seen those before

Thanks, about the Vs, avoid the wrinkles in the instep, this make more cheaper the manufacturing

YES, I can redesign the elastic position to a more up position, no problem

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After some suggestions of you guys I made some changes, the elastic section is more up now, check how you can put a feet with big instep due the elastic.

I know is not so tall but that is the reason will be more cheaper cause the saving on leather, the leather still being thick and soft, look the other angles:







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37 minutes ago, troopermaster said:

Much better but you need to make them taller or they will pop out from under the shin armour.

Exactly what I was going to mention.   I think people would be willing to pay extra for a taller front and back, as it is really difficult to get it tucked back in (unless you have a handler nearby) if it pops out during a troop.  Looking MUCH better, though, Gio!  Great job!

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5 hours ago, troopermaster said:

The closer you make them to the original boots, the more you will sell. Trust me.

QFT - this is 100% correct.

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