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Surprise 40th Birthday

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EVENT: Surprise 40th Birthday for Paul


LOCATION: Civic Hotel Inglewood


DATE: Saturday August 5th 2017


TIME: 7:45 to 8:30pm




TROOPERS: TK85421 - Glen - gmrhodes13, SL51164 - Stuart - DV64, ID59226 - Jerry - jezzapm, TK10469 - Ben - Ben, TK98311 - Pete -Flocky


WRANGLERS: Liz, Marie and Em


REPORT: Landing at the Civic hotel early to scout out and have some soft beverages and some chips we all met up and had a snack at a table before troop time. After getting briefed by Stuart on when to appear and what to expect we all gathered in an airlock that would of vented us into space if we opened the door. While getting dressed up we all got down with our bad selves for a few photos with buckets off and rocking out to AC/DC from the party room.


Time came and birthday boy arrived and we could hear the crowd in the other room. Star Wars theme came on and we entered to check IDs and behaviour of the imperial citizens. Star Wars scenes being played on a big screen as we entered for maximum effect and timing of Darth Vader lines suited Stuarts entry. We had a few photos with guests and the the birthday boys live band started and reverberated through the troopers helmets like a rebel stun grenade. We captured what we thought was the princess but was an imposter..


We all got changed back into our civvies in the airlock and made our way to Jerrys for pizza.


Great troop.


CHARITY: $200 to Guide Dogs WA


INJURIES: ear drums for anyone wearing a helmet.


ARMOR REPAIRS: Ben had a couple of cracks in his armour. Screen accurate cracks.


HAPPY PEOPLE: Party goers loved us. Few photos taken.


MISSION STATUS: Another sector under imperial control...mission complete.
















When you are waiting for the Imperial March and the DJ plays this:



Vader steels the show













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