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RS Commission

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Looking good, you may want to stick some foam in behind your sniper plate on the shin to keep it away form your thigh, it will catch otherwise.


Your right thigh looks as if it may want to come up a little more, you can see a larger gap on the back photo.


Good luck with approval

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Looks good! To add to what Glen said. I'd add a pc. Of foam on backside of left thigh to keep edge behind sniper knee. Your shoulder bells could come in a little and try to keep them even between front and back. RS is a great set. Just have a look at your sew on bell snap. They always come loose and could use more stitches to help hold it on. If needed to move bells in I would just move them to solve problem. Besides that your looking good and will be Trooping before you know it! Be sure to give it a good test ride so you can get comfortable in it before your first troop.

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