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R1 Stormtrooper Back Pack RAF Type K dinghy quick release latch

Ed Straeker

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Good night! Brothers I hope this is the right place to post this.


I´m Leonardo Aguirre, I'm from Mexico City, currently attached to the Mexican Garrison, on the Imperial City Squad, and on a Tk Patrol, The Jaguar Warriors.



Of course I love Star Wars, and I love being a TK, but what I love most is Blasters!!


For a time now, I've been slow and painfully learning how to design on 3D, ans since I have two 3D printers, I've slowly became a Blaster provider for my Garrison. He he!


Well, the story is that some of the guys in the patrol and me, are looking forward to have R1 Armors, and right now we are working on the backpacks, and one of the thing that first came to our attention was the greeblie with the incredible long name, the RAF Type K dinghy quick release latch.


I've been doing some research and to find the thingy on ebay or somewhere else will be really hard, so, I've decided to try on design the thing from cero, I've downloaded a lot of reference pictures and this is the result, I've even already print one, and paint it. there is a picture with two pieces, thats the real one stuf, just for comparison.


Hope you like, and all of your suggestions, advice and critics are more than welcome!!




Ed Straeker

Tk 69222









This is the real one, the next pictures are the one I've made.





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Looks good so far. Looking forward to seeing it printed. Great work learning to 3D draw. I am inspired to learn by your progress. Great!

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Pretty cool! Looks great for a 3d print. Not an easy part to replicate but you certainly made it well! Awesome work! <br>

If my hook ever falls off my pack I might be in touch for a backup! Cheers!

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