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shore trooper

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Someone offered me full set shoretrooper minus gun for $2000 & this costume has been 501st approved. Can anyone advise if the price is good and how much is it normally?.thanks.

Hi, I can't say that I know much, but I have seen and been told that even though a kit has been approved for one owner, the new owner will have to go through the approval all over again.


How close are you in size and proportion to the previous owner. If there is too much customization needed, it might be worth it to buy your own kit.


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Has it been painted in Sahara beige code 8020? Not needed for approval but it's an upgrade I'd suggest.

Whose kit just use initials. I have a jt kit I did as a grunt so if you need any advice let me know. A fun kit to work on imo you kinda lose some valuable learning getting one done already. Was my first kit and people thought I was nuts for making it my first


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