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HOW TO: Apply silicone/latex hand plates to rubber gloves

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Let me be clear, I am an Imperial Cadet in the process of my first build (AP ANH Hero) trying to keep as close to centurion guidelines as possible. I've done 7 months of research through these threads to come to this point. I am not applying for initial application or status at all as my job keeps me out of the country and on the road way too much to do a troop. I'm just an enthusiast, I'm only making my armor to eventually ship home, set up on a manniquin, and eventually wear to the occasional costume party.  
During my build, like many young troopers out there discovered that nothing sticks to silicone! However being a fairly capable chap, I did some digging and found a relatively cheap solution. This solves the problem of having to apply cotton duck or canvas to the back of hand plates. However if nomex flight gloves are being used do remember to use wax paper on the inside of the glove so as not to fully seal your glove!
Specifically for centurion approval (with ukswraths permission of course), I have found two adhesives that specifically work for fixing silicone hand plates to rubber gloves. Both products come in volumes large enough to supply a whole garrison with centurion gloves
Links provided:
Sil-poxy (Aerospace/Automotive industry standard)
Permatex (cheaper of the two)
- 220+ grit sandpaper
- dishsoap
- isopropyl alcohol
- paper towel
- latex/nitrile gloves
- Permatex RTV Silicone Adhesive/Silpoxy
- Clamps
(1) Scuff mating surfaces lightly with a fine grit sandpaper.
(2) Clean and dry surfaces making sure that there is no contaminents, if desired wipe surfaces with isopropyl alcohol.
(3) Apply a moderate amount of adhesive to hand plate, making sure to leave room for squeeze-out. 
(4) Immeadiatly assemble and clamp glove assembly for one hour. For the purposes of weathering these products will not accept most paints so do care to wipe away any excess. 

Full cure in 24 hours.
Both products contain hazardous materials that may cause irritation to skin and eyes. Do not mix these two products as there may be a hazardous reaction, exothermic or otherwise. Do exersize caution while handling adhesives to avoid contamination. Ensure adequet ventalation is present in addition to wearing safety glasses and nitrile gloves while applying adhesive.
I hope this helps! Cheers
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