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If you have ever went to a Celebration you know it can take several days to get caught up. For myself I had over 50 action items that came out of a 4 day convention, and I’m still not 100% done. As you can see from the FISD photo in the main atrium, we ended up with the largest number of Legion stormtroopers assembled in one place since the Rose Parade in 2007.

What struck me is that FISD is more than the staff, more than the attaches, and more than the Centurions. I met many of you simply walking around and came away impressed and amazed by all you do. There is an ROTJ stormtrooper in the Mountain Garrison that I talked with briefly who looked fantastic, and he agreed to take his suit the final distance to EI and hopefully beyond. I saw one TFA TK who was able to actually wear his maroon beret under his helmet. Our peerless deployment officers Sly and UKSWRATH donated their time to help one lucky member go EI right at the convention, and another to Centurion, and who could forget Hyper directing the photoshoot and looking good doing it. That said, we know the FISD photoshoot didn’t go as planned, and as part of our staff de-brief we have created an updated plan for the next Celebration to ensure it goes much more smoothly and with less confusion.

What else is going on that you should know?

• Celebration merch is still available! Did you miss out in April? No worries, each item is print out demand from the posters to the stickers, etc. and you can still get these items for your armor bin, helmet bag, or swag shirt.
• Space Packs are now in the CRL – w00t! Remember when the Falcon landed in the Death Star? Ever want a cool accessory for your TK but didn’t want to go dirty? CrookedKnight has made the ultimate in space packs and they are not only for sale, but also now officially part of the TK CRL. Want to make your own? Go for it – you can do that too.
• Praetorian Blasters have arrived. Praetorians were above Centurions and now you can get a blaster worthy of the name. Want to know more? Head on over to FISD and read about the best blasters on the market today.
• Are you a Phasma? TFA TK? Want to go Expert Infantry but are frustrated? We now have working groups to re-write the CRLs so that these costumes can have clear paths to EI and Centurion.
* We are making numerous other updates to the CRLs to clean up language and remove incorrect items. For instance the Legacy and Commander CRLs had a lot of incorrect items that have been fixed. Check out the updates when you have time.

I’m also announcing an FISD Master Armorer program. If you have ever helped a person take their costume to Expert Infantry and thought there should be a recognition program for builders, you are in heaven as that is exactly what this is. Why are we doing this? While we award people for going EI, we realize that for many there are people who have helped them along the way, and we want to ensure that those who embody the spirit of Troopers Helping Troopers are recognized for their time and expertise.

If you haven’t visited the forums lately, I encourage you to come by and check it out. Grab your favorite cup of coffee or tea and get caught up on all the changes that are happening and coming your way.

With unquestioned loyalty,

Paul TK-8020 "Daetrin"
Detachment Founder | Leader


Yes, yes, yes...  I'm editing my piece into the NL after the fact.  

I missed the deadline for various reasons.  I've been busy with buying a house and moving and we don't have internet there.

More importantly, Celebration!!!  

I was there!  I'm still on a high and it has been a month and a half since it ended - has it really ended?  Was it that long ago?

It was certainly an amazing experience.  I met so many of you there, and that was easily the biggest takeaway for me.  This plastic spaceman family is such a great and impassioned group of people.  

Everyone is just so amazing and in all the right ways, so sweet (although that Last Jedi trailer was pretty sweet, and the Battlefront II trailer was pretty sweet, and getting cell phone advice from Ray Park was pretty sweet, listening to In Too Deep with Forrest Whitaker was pretty sweet, and having Riz Ahmed comment on how awesome WE (the Legion) are was pretty sweet, and having Mark Hamill say hello to me was pretty sweet, and chilling with Daniel Logan - who has since become a US Citizen - was pretty sweet, raising a glass five feet from Billy Dee Williams was pretty sweet, seeing Harrison Ford come on stage with George Lucas, Mark Hamill, Peter Mayhew, Anthony Daniels, and Warwick Davis was pretty sweet, watching John Williams conduct the orchestra for the Star Wars suite was pretty... well, sweet, appearing on the main Star Wars Show stage in armor was pretty sweet, all of the Facebook shenanigans with Clint Randall were pretty sweet, the FO TK leg lamp was pretty sweet, having that many of you TKs there for the Detachment photo was pretty sweet, the FISD Staff Breakfast and Pre-Soak were both pretty sweet, having Weird Al Yankovic perform his first, last, and only show of 2017 for us at the Bash was pretty sweet, and the Scarif Photo Shoot was pretty sweet).  WOW!  I know I'm leaving stuff out, too.  I have to be.  

Was it really ONLY four days long???


Well, it is in the past now, though that may be hard to believe.  I won't ever forget it, and I look forward to the next one.

Speaking of the past, we've also experienced the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars!!!  


40 Years!  4 Decades!  We're closing in on half a century of Star Wars!

Do you know what may be the craziest thing in all of this?  (Disclaimer: I'm kind of old now...  Not like... Joseph old, but I'm getting up there)

I was there (albeit young and obviously impressionable) when it all began, and although I don't think we will ever see something completely dominate the culture like Star Wars did in 77, around here at the FISD - in many ways it feels like 1977 all over again.

Star Wars mania has momentum like we've not seen in quite some time.  It shows no signs of slowing down either.  It is a classic, and has become timeless, loved by generations of fans.  


What better represents this classic than the Stormtrooper, and if you want to talk about momentum, let's take a closer look at our favorite plastic spacemen...


With eight movies behind us and more to come, the number of costumes available to new and current members to build and wear has skyrocketed.  Just go and have a look at the Costume Reference Library page for the Legion.  There are a lot of costume choices.

Do you have any idea what the most popular ones are?  Which ones continue to be the costumes of choice for new members, even with so many to choose from?

Of course, it is the ones found and managed right here at the FISD:  Stormtroopers, in all of their glorious variants.

As of yesterday, there were 11,365 members in the Legion and 4,820 approved TK costumes.  That means that 42.4% of all Legion members have a TK costume of some type.  No other costume comes close to that percentage.  The most astonishing thing about that number?  It is growing, even today.  The Legion at large, is adding nearly 100 new TK costumes every month, and has been doing so for about the last 18 - 20 months or so.  At this rate, it won't be very long before more than half of all Legion members will own one.  That is...  Impressive.  Most, impressive.  Is it not?


What does that say to me?  You just cannot beat the classics.  They never go out of style.  Not over the course of days, weeks, months, or decades.


Who says it isn't stylish to wear white after Labor Day?  It is clearly a year-round fashion statement of awesome.  


Well, there is a lot of amazing and really sweet stuff to get through in this NL, and I will go on forever so I'll stop now.  You keep on reading.  Move along..


Oh, yeah...  Keep being awesome!


With Unquestioned Loyalty,

Tim Waychoff
TK-51878 "Dark CMF"
FISD Executive Officer


Rogue One E-11 Blaster Reference

The E-11 blasters in Rogue One are most similar to the E-11 blasters in A New Hope, however there are actually several differences. Some are just minor differences, and some are more significant changes but every aspect of the blaster is different is some way big or small. Our detachment commander has requested that I start a thread and list the differences so this will serve as a 'Blaster Reference' for the Rogue One BlasTech E-11. The Rogue One Stormtrooper CRL is currently being developed for our detachment and there will be specific requirements concerning the blaster details similar to any other stormtrooper CRL. I will list the differences and show examples as best as I can.

I'll start off with this image from the Rogue One 'Ultimate Visual Guide', a very nice hard cover book full of great photos and information.

Here's a list of all the parts and how each component on the R1 version differs from the ANH version.

1. The Base Gun

The E-11 blasters in R1 are based on an airsoft S&T Sterling L2A1 AEG. The E-11 blasters in ANH were based a real 9mm Sterling Mk4 L2A3 SMG (Sub-Machine Gun)

2. The Scope

The Scope used in R1 is a 1943 M38 Telescope made by M.H.R. Co (Minneapolis Honeywell Regulator Company).

The Scopes in ANH were mostly 1942 M38 Telescopes though at least one '43 can be spotted in the film too, they also used model M19 telescopes in ANH as well. The main difference between them is that a '43 has a wide front foot and a '42 has a narrow front foot.

3. The Counter

The Hengstler counter used in R1 has a small (mini) eagle logo and the more common plastic socket cover.

The Hengstler counters used in ANH all had the medium or large eagle logo and the rare vintage metal socket covers.

4. The Power Cylinders/Rangefinder/Targeting Sensor

The Power Cylinders used in R1 are believed to be taken from a SDS (Shepperton Design Studios) E-11 Blaster. This blaster is widely known to be inaccurate here on whitearmor.net and the power cylinders on it are nothing like the originals seen in ANH as it claims to be, the SDS power cylinders are a very unique design. The Power Cylinders in ANH are an unknown found part taken from electrical equipment that has yet to be identified to this day.

5. The T-Track

The original T-track on ANH blasters is also an unidentified found part, however the T-Track used in R1 looks noticeably thicker than in ANH.

I believe the T-Track used in R1 was taken from an SDS (Shepperton Design Studios) E-11 Blaster similar to the power cylinders.

6. The Rail

The scope rails in R1 appear to be mounted a bit higher than they were in ANH. The rails in R1 are also mounted differently with a block and screw type design. The rails in ANH utilized a bent tab at the front seated into the first receiver hole and another tab screwed to the rear sight aperture or riveted directly to the receiver.

7. The Flashlight

Last but not least and probably the most significant change aside from the airsoft gun or power cylinders is the addition of an entirely new greeblie on the right side of the blaster; an Element M300A Mini Scout Light (Knockoff replica of a SureFire M300 Tactical Flashlight) This is mounted to the right side of the airsoft gun through the receiver holes using a short weaver/picatinny rail.

1. The Base Gun

Most of the blasters seen in the movie along with most promotional media images are actually a resin or rubber cast, But I believe the one in this image to be the master prop with the steel airsoft gun, real scope, real counter, real flashlight, ect.

You can see through the slot for the charging handle that the receiver is actually hollow, and you can see the receiver holes that the ends of the T-Track are inserted into. Also notice the thickness of the folding stock. This prop would be used for closeups and such while the rubber casts would be used for background extras and stunts or any kind of considerable action where there is a concern for the actor's safety.

Here is a resin casting of the Rogue One E-11 blaster, notice the charging handle slot, receiver holes and the thickness of the folding stock.

The airsoft S&T Sterling L2A1 AEG is different than a real 9mm Sterling Mk4 L2A3 SMG in several ways, some greater than others. The airsoft gun is a close representation of a real Sterling meant for recreational sport, it was never intended to be an exact replica, It's fairly close but some of the dimensions are different.

It should also be noted that S&T actually produced a limited edition "E-11 Blaster" version of this airsoft gun, though this is not what the prop makers used in the film nor is it accurate to any E-11 used in any Star Wars film ever. The prop makers for Rogue One started with the standard S&T Sterling L2A1 as a base for the E-11 Blaster.

The main differences from a real Sterling are in the Grip, the Rear End Cap, Muzzle Cap, and the Folding Stock. Like I said before there are many other differences too but I will just focus on the most obvious ones for identification purposes.

As you can see the Airsoft Grip (top) is much more square and also a bit bigger than the real Sterling Grip (bottom).

The airsoft gearbox is right above the trigger which is why it looks much bigger and more 'bull-nosed' than a real Sterling trigger group. The selector switch on the airsoft is thicker and the letters for the selector switch are also in a different order.

And the other side. Airsoft (top), Sterling (bottom)

The next most significant difference is the Rear End Cap or the "Blaster gas cylinder cap" as it's referred to in the Rogue One visual guide. The Airsoft (top) is bigger and bulkier than a real Sterling (bottom) which is actually tapered towards the front of the gun unlike the airsoft version. Also the airsoft is pointed in the bottom back corner where the Sterling is rounded.

The Muzzle is fairly close but there is a difference. The Airsoft (top) has a sharper edge than a real Sterling (bottom) which has a rolled edge. Also the hex bolts on the real Sterling have a diamond cross hatch knurling pattern and the Airsoft ones have a standard spline knurling pattern. The barrel hole is clearly smaller on the Airsoft due to the difference in caliber to a real 9mm Sterling sub-machine gun. Also the receiver holes on the airsoft are slightly smaller than a real Sterling and the bayonet lug is different as well.

The Folding Stock is also fairly close but again there are some differences. The Airsoft (top) has bends that arch inwards where as real Sterling (bottom) has bends that arch outwards. The real Sterling also has a small block on the end of the support bar at the base of the 'Y', this block is completely absent on the Airsoft folding stock. The real Sterling folding stock is also made of thicker steel than the Airsoft one is. The Airsoft folding stock is mounted with slotted bolts and the real Sterling folding stock is mounted with carriage bolts.

2. The Scope 

Like the original scopes in ANH, the scopes in R1 are also M38 Telescopes, although for the most part a different model year was used. It is a found part taken from an M4 Sherman Tank Periscope.

The scope or "Targeting Macroscope" as it's referred to in the Rogue One visual guide is a 1943 M.H.R. Co M38 Telescope while the E-11s in A New Hope had 1942 M38 or M19 telescopes. Although at least one 1943 M38 can also be spotted in ANH as well. The main difference is that the 1943 M38 has a wide front foot where as the 1942 M38 has a narrow front foot. The '43 also has a gap between the prism housing and the front foot where as the '42 does not.

Here is a 1943 M38 (top) and a 1942 M38 (bottom). Notice the difference in the front foot on both scopes.

Front view of a 1942 M38 (left) and a 1943 M38 (right). Notice the front foot on '43 is tapered and the '42 is straight.

This is a photo of a screen used resin cast scope. Notice the year in the engraving, this confirms a 1943 M38 was used.

3. The Counter

The Hengstler counter used on the R1 E-11 is similar to the originals used on the ANH E-11 aside from a few key differences.

The counter used in R1 has a small (mini) eagle logo and the more common plastic socket cover.

The counters used in ANH all had the medium or large eagle logo and the rare vintage metal socket covers.

It should be noted that the plastic socket cover in R1 is modified to have a window cut-out for the eagle logo.

You can clearly see the mold injection points which confirms a plastic socket cover was used instead of the original metal socket cover.

Also the counters in R1 have the wire terminal connectors removed and in ANH they are still attached.

Here is a comparison photo of the three different eagle logos that have been used in Star Wars movies.

The first small eagle on the left was used in R1, the medium and large eagle logos were both used in ANH.

It should also be noted that these all have two screws, versions of the eagle logo with only one screw are not screen accurate though they are much better than using Hengstler's current "H890" logo.

This photo shows an unmodified plastic socket cover on the left, and on the right is a modified plastic socket cover with a window cut out for the eagle logo.

Here is another photo of a modified plastic socket cover and small eagle logo.

4. The Power Cylinders

Here is a photo of screen used power cylinders from Rogue One.

The power cylinders in R1 are very different than the original ones seen in ANH. Here is a comparison photo of both kinds.
Rogue One on the left, A New Hope on the right.

The original power cylinders were cut from racks like this one, the origins of which have yet to be discovered to this day.

These cylinders were used on many other props in ANH aside from the E-11. including the hood of Luke's Landspeeder as seenhere, The MSE Mouse Droid, The targeting systems in the Y-Wings, Luke's X-Wing while approaching Degobah, and others.

The power cylinders in Rogue One are believed to be taken from a Shepperton Design Studios E-11.

These blasters are made of plastic infused with foam but the power cylinders were most likely recast in resin or rubber for the movie props.

The SDS E-11 blaster is widely known to be considerably inaccurate here on the forums, and the power cylinders on it are definitely not cast from original parts as it claims to be. The fact that they've now been used on screen in a star wars movie is an ironic coincidence. Long story short Andrew Ainsworth at Shepperton Design Studios was involved in a lawsuit from Lucasfilm Ltd. for public sale of stormtrooper armor without licensing rights. Liz Moore and Brian Muir sculpted the original stormtrooper design which is owned by Lucasfilm Ltd. Andrew Ainsworth being a maker of canoes and fish ponds at the time was contracted by the costume department to mold the sculpts into HDPE plastic for the original Star Wars production back 1976 (film released in '77)

Here is a confirmed photo of the power cylinders on a Shepperton Design Studios E-11 blaster.

The props used in Rogue One had the coiled wires removed and a second screw was added for stability.

5. The T-Track

The T-Track used in R1 is noticeably thicker than the original T-Track in ANH.

Here is a comparison of both; R1 on top and ANH on the bottom.

The origins of the T-Track used in ANH has yet to be confirmed, though it is firmly believed to be hard black plastic T-track from old cupboards with sliding doors.

The T-Track used in R1 is believed to be taken/cut from a Shepperton Design Studios E-11 Blaster. Here are confirmed photos of an SDS E-11.

Here is a photo of screen used T-Track from R1. Notice the thickness and shape of the fins on the T-Track match that of theSDS T-Track above. The ends of each track have also been trimmed/modified to fit the receiver holes on the airsoft gun.

Here is a photo of a resin cast blaster with the flashlight missing, notice how the T-Track is not covering these receiver holes to allow for the weaver/picatinny rail to be monuted. This is very different to the way the T-Track was installed in ANH as there were no flashlights.

6. The Rail

The scope rails in R1 are fairly different than ANH in the way that they are mounted to the blaster. For the most part the
E-11 blasters in R1 use a block and screw type design while the blasters in ANH use a bent tab type design.

The majority of the blasters are resin which use the block and screw type mount.

There is also this alternate rail mount which is possibly a rubber cast if not resin. The front has a post and screw type design as well as a 90 degree bend in the rail while back has a "Z" bend screwed directly to the blaster between the rear sight guards.

Then there is the 'master prop' that the rest were cast from, based on the actual steel airsoft gun and other real parts. This particular prop has more of an original ANH style rail mount though it is taller than the ones in ANH. The front of the rail uses the same bent tab type design which is seated into the first receiver hole. The back of the rail has a "Z" bend where it is mounted to the rear sight aperture, some of the rails in ANH had a similar "Z" bend although they were riveted directly to the receiver just in front of the rear sight guard. Most of the rails in ANH were screwed directly to the rear sight aperture and mounted much lower than R1 without this "Z" bend.

7. The Flashlight

Last but not least and probably the most significant change to the E-11 aside from the airsoft gun or power cylinders is the addition of a flashlight on the right side of the blaster. There were no flashlights used on the E-11 blasters in ANH whatsoever.

The flashlight used is an Element M300A Mini Scout Light which is actually an airsoft replica of a real SureFire M300 Tactical Flashlight. The difference is the knockoff costs around $50 while the real thing is worth around $300. Several of these replicas were purchased for the props and many of them were mounted on resin blasters. They were also recast in resin for some of the props.

You can still faintly see "KX1A" printed on some of the screen used flashlights.

The flashlights were mounted to the blaster using a short Weaver/Picatinny rail similar to this one. These were bolted to the airsoft gun through the receiver holes, and in the case of resin blasters they were likely screwed into the same position.

With Unquestioned Loyalty,
TK-80421 SlyFox740
501st Stormtrooper

Star Wars Celebration Orlando Photoshoot

What started as a crazy proposal to the staff back in November became one of the most spectacular photo shoots the detachment has ever sponsored. After seeing the now-famous Rogue One promotional photo featuring a dozen or so stormtroopers wading onto the beach (a shot that never made it into the film), we simply HAD to make this happen! After all, SWCO was coming up in April, there would be hundreds of Legion members in attendance, and some of the most picturesque beaches in the country were a mere hour’s drive away – it was literally a no-brainer.

After a couple of months of on-and-off discussion among the staff regarding the best date and location, the ball started rolling. One thing that we wanted to make certain of is that we stayed out of any potential trouble with the local authorities. After several weeks of back-and-forth emails, we were able to secure a Class C Special Event Permit from the City of Cocoa Beach to use Stanley Fischer Park for our photo shoot. Following that, the “get the word out!” campaign began at the detachment, Legion, and across social media. Not just stormtroopers, though – we decided that we would do a full-on Scarif shoot and try to recruit as many relevant characters as possible. In the end, we ended up with 12 stormtroopers, two deathtroopers, and a fantastic Jyn Erso and Bodhi Rook. Needless to say, the reaction among the beachgoers that afternoon was everything we could have anticipated – they were utterly surprised and delighted by our invasion. We even had an excited family in an adjacent pavilion offer us homemade snacks while we were kitting up and de-kitting after the shoot. We were also lucky enough to run into a retired U.S. Marine who was out on the beach with his family and who offered to coach us in small-unit infantry tactics in order to give us an added bit of realism!

Here is a list of all of the participants and their roles that day:

Primary Photographer:
Steven Lam (TK-878)

Tim Waychoff (TK-51878)
Brian Robinson (TK-2918)
Gina Canady (TK-1548)
Kim Buck (TK-17771)
John Horton (TK-42108)
Greg Froud (TK-19936)
Andrea Pickles Loar (TK-6093)
Christoph Daniel Lauber (TK-55550)
James Lischynsky (TK-78383)
Stephan Scholtis (TK-55015)
Josh Ward (TK-44678)
Craig Staley (TK-6794)

Death Troopers:
Tanner King (TK-46007)
Thomas C. Maske (TX-25555)

Colleen Johnson (Jyn)
Jana Nichole (Bodhi)

Alexander M. Robinson (MMCC #1647)

Chris Payne (TB-36724)
Tom Rogers (TK-19764)
Celina Chen (DZ-33888)
Tanya Ward (DZ-82692) + Photographer
James Clarke (TK-75672) + Photographer
Benedikt Schnaus (IC-55011)
Emma Swanson
Joe Booth

Small infantry unit tactics consultant:
Jason Walker (USMC)

On to the photos - the full album is here:









With Unquestioned Loyalty,
TK-2918 tkrestonva
Imperial Propaganda Department

And now a message from your Provost Marshall

Greetings Troopers

I had the amazing opportunity to attend Star Wars Celebration Orlando. While I was in attendance, I had the chance to get to meet many of the members who make up our amazing forum. Every person I had the opportunity to speak to was super nice and shared the same passion for stormtroopers as I did. This made it a very fun and rewarding experience.

Now that I am fresh off of my experience and have returned to the forums I wanted to remind our members that it is possible to lose the context of words when they are in written form as they do not show emotion. Always keep in mind that we are all huge fans of Star Wars and stormtroopers. Please always remember to treat other members with respect. Some discussions can get animated with different point of views, but insulting another member will never help in these situations and it will only create more tension.

If you feel that you are being bullied, insulted, or you see someone using inappropriate language; feel free to reach out to Mark (captsafe66), Eric (Tolo), myself, or anyone on the staff. We have zero tolerance for these types of behavior.

Remember, we are here to have fun, meet new people, respect people, and most importantly we are Troopers Helping Troopers.

Links to read:FISD Etiquette Dos and Dont's

FISD Rules and Guidelines

With Unquestioned Loyalty

Steve Sheades
TK-10466 starsaber25
Provost Marshall

Space Pack now added to the ANH CRL

Space Pack
For 501st approval:
Space pack worn on the back plate


Want Your Troop to be Include?

Post your troop report in the Field Training Exercises section here http://www.whitearmo...ning-exercises/.

Those with troop logs please post a separate troop report as it is easier to link too.


Visiting 6-year-old in the Hospital


More here: http://www.whitearmo...n-the-hospital/

By: Jack, SkulShurtugalTCG, TK69004

This month the 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment would like to congratulate:

Expert Infantry Badge Award:
Josh Williams- "sermosh"  TK 19061    (EIB 713)
Richard F. Simmons- "quick0817"   TK 22888   (EIB 714)
Kyle Mills- "BuckeyeTK"   TK 12073   (EIB 715)
Frank Fraga- "fragarock"  TK 92111   (EIB 716)
Jeff Schultz- "Stampeder17"  TK 17171    (EIB 717)
Cameron Kraeger- "The BlooperTrooper"  TK 82898    (EIB 718)
Joachim Thiele- "Joachim_Thiele"  TK 92105    (EIB 719)
Michael Lee- "SienarTech"  TK 10880    (EIB 720)
Hubert Chandler-  "buccaneer"  TK 22807  (EIB 721)
Nate-  "Bones"  TK19977    (EIB 722)[/size]
Francisco Rodriguez-  "pistolero"  TK 30778    (EIB 723)
Brian McDavid-  "Bri_McD135  TK 18910    (EIB 724)
Stephen Bauchan- "GoofySGB"  TK 17081    (EIB 725)
Roy Owen-  "rjowenuk"  TK 91055    (EIB 726)
Sarah Bailey- "Alay"  TK 20466   HWT EIB  (Her second EIB)!
 We are aiming to hit the 1000 mark for EIBs this year, and thanks to you we are getting close fast![/size]
Centurion Award:

Teresa Nuthall-  "Soulart"  TK 41307  (Centurion 335)
Shane Aubrey-  "Shanester"  TK 71969   (Centurion 324)
Gareth Wood-  "gwood1234"  TK 31225   (Centurion 325)
Paul Hoeffer-  "Daetrin"  TK 8020   (Centurion 326)
Dave Polewski-  "ComradeDave"  TK 22788   (Centurion 327)
Justin Casey-  "CptCasey"  TK 31111   (Centurion 328)
Shaun Pugmire-  "shaunpug"  TK 25415   (Centurion 329)
Jim Sobota-  "Engineering Trooper"  TK 12638   (Centurion 330)
Brian McDavid-  "Bri_McD135"  TK 18910   (Centurion 331)
Scott Bilkey-  "Sgt.Bilko"  TK 80704   (Centurion 332)
Andrew Haag-  "gatetrooper"  TK14023   (Centurion 333)
Great job on reaching Centurion!
If you see any of these Troopers around your Garrison or Squad, be sure to congratulate them!
With Unquestioned Loyalty,

Joseph Pedigo
TK-10963 "justjoseph63"
FISD Amabassador


Imperial Attache Outstanding Achievement Award


In order to recognize those who have gone above and beyond the call of duty as members of this program, the FISD would like to announce a new accolade: The Attache Outstanding Achievement Award ribbon, (as seen above) to be bestowed to those who consistently exemplify the meaning ofImperial Attache, which will be added above their EIB or Centurion badge.

This distinction will go to those who are not only consistently assisting present Troopers, but helping future
 Troopers on their white armor journey as well. This includes greeting first-time posters, offering advice and guidance, assisting with EIB and Centurion levels and staying active on the FISD and/or their local boards. Recipients are considered on the basis of a combination of those contributions and been an Attache for at least one full year.

For those of you not familiar with the program, the Imperial Attaches are the ones that are on the "front-lines", using their knowledge and experience by helping out in various areas and contributing to the betterment of the FISD and 501st Legion. If you are interested in joining the program or would like more information, I have provided a link below.

With that being said, I am proud to announce the first recipients of this award. (in no particular order):

1. Gary (flashpoint0214) FLG - Gary is incredibly active on the FLG boards and very active in the Makaze Squad, also serving as the Charity Liaison. He (and his father, also a Centurion) hold frequent armor parties, and have been responsible for countless
 basic, level 2 and 3 approvals for TKs in central FL.

2. Kyle (Zarlon) GLG - Kyle is constantly on the FISD, greeting new posters, offering advice, and encouraging everyone. In my opinion one of our best.

3. Anthony (Redforce)- ECG - A mainstay on the FISD, he always takes the time to greet new folks, has sage advice and is happy to share it. A definite PLUS for this program.

4. Christian (v7sg) PRG- Besides doing the I.A. patch run, he is a fountain of knowledge and is always there to help, especially for those going for FOTK.

5. Glen (gmrhodes13) TAG - What can I say... the guy is truly a legend here on the FISD, so no explanation necessary. To be honest, if we could only give out one ribbon, it would go to him.

6. Aaron- (Pyrates) BG - With almost 3000 posts in 18 months (and 1800+ "likes") his record speaks for itself. His informative and helpful posts have been an enormous assistance to many, especially in the Badlands Garrison.

7. Chris (themaninthesuitcase)- UKG - Chris truly embodies the spirit of "Troopers helping Troopers". His participation and advice have helped hundreds, and both we and the UK Garrison are lucky to have him.

8. Steve (starsaber25) ECG- Although Steve has moved up to the Admin. staff, he also serves as one of our best Attaches and does an outstanding
 job in both roles.

9. Christoph (Ripper_L). GG Our "main guy" in the German Garrison has also moved up to Admin. status, he continues to do us and the GG proud as Attache. A "Trooper's Trooper".

10. Eric (Tolo) - IF Another legend here in the FISD also serving dual roles as Attache and Admin. A plethora of information, he is always willing to help out anyone who needs it.

Please join me in congratulating them, and may you continue to serve the FISD, the 501st Legion and the Empire proudly!

Attache Program information: http://www.whitearmo...ttaché-program/

With Unquestioned Loyalty,

Joseph Pedigo
TK-10963 "justjoseph63"
FISD Amabassador


NEW: FISD Master Armorer Award

Since our founding, FISD has recognized troopers who have taken their armor beyond basic requirements with the Expert Infantry and Centurion awards. Over the years we have heard from many an EI and Centurion that they would have not have achieved the award without someone helping them get there, and of the tireless trooper who has helped numerous people go the extra mile.

"It's about time" - and right you are. To recognize those who have dedicated their time and effort helping people go the extra distance, I'm pleased to announce the FISD Master Armorer program. This is an optional, detachment only incentive award to recognize individuals who have directly helped another 501st stormtrooper to achieve Expert Infantry status. To register a “win” in the program, the assistance must have provided hands-on help trimming, building, and/or fitting of said armor for the person who was awarded Expert Infantry status.

Want to learn more? Take a look at the program overview and let us know what you think!

With unquestioned loyalty,

Paul TK-8020 "Daetrin"
Detachment Founder | Leader


Don't Forget We're on Facebook and Twitter!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/whitearmor
If you're on FB, stop by and say hi, ask questions, and share stories!

Twitter: www.twitter.com/FISD501st or @FISD501st
follow FISD on Twitter!

Instagram: www.instagram.com/501stfisd

With Unquestioned Loyalty,

Tim Waychoff
TK-51878 "Dark CMF"
FISD Executive Officer

On behalf of the 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment Command Staff and the Imperial Propaganda Department,

<End Transmission>

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Never disappointed with the newsletter, always an amazing read. Thank you to all that contribute to it.

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