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balterz Hasbro conversion

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Hey guys,
Just wanted to share some pics of my Hasbro conversion. The sound and LED is intact. Left to do: add folding stock and painting.
Kit includes:
Hasbro E-11 Blaster
Doopydoo Hasbro kit
Other changes:
Grinded original flash cover and added more accurate
Added Cocking lever
Grinded down original end cap clip and added a more accurate
Grinded original rail and added Alu rail
Grinded original sight and added a more accurate with pin
Grinded original front screws and added real
Added real screws on Hengstler on the side and top
Grinded down the trigger to make it more accurate

Grinded an extra hole on the right barrel side for the flash cover

Grinded more holes on left barrel side plus bayonet lug
+ lots of grinding and putty for misstakes ;)


Pics: http://media.spiderpig.se/#!album-6

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Looking good, nice work

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