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Centurion Bulid Question/ First time TK Bulid

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Dear Detachment Centurion Selection Officers


i'm a first time TK Bulider & looking at Centurion level but .... the biggest problem i'm facing is for me to able to wear the TK i'm going to have too cut the ab plate so the ab plate & cod plate are 2 items & not 1 single piece


why do i have too cut the ab plate ... due to me been in a manual wheelchair there is no way for me to be able to wear the ab plate without having the cod plate as a item on its own & dont want too lose the Centurion level for my TK


hope you guys can help me with this problem & wait for a reply back soon

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Have you checked the CRL Ken? There's nothing in there suggesting it needs to be one piece. There are several approved Centurions already with separate Ab/Cod

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Just in case you haven't seen a "convertible" cod, Pandatrooper did a nice one here (pics near the end of the post), with some additional pics showing internal strapping here (also at the end of the post).

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