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ANH ( Stunt ) TK Build 2017


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Hi Everyone the Time has come for me to start a a new bulid thread for my new TK & will be posting updates in here


i'm going to start by asking the best place too get a under suit & a place where i can get boots from


i'll post some photos once i've done some work on my TK ( as i dont know where to start )

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Hi Ken and welcome aboard future Trooper! Have a read in the “Getting Started-Read this First” section, as there is some really good info in there for new members.


Have a read in the "ANH Build Threads" section to discover other troopers who are building (or have built) the same armor as you! Really good tips, examples, pictures, previously answered questions, and successes here.


In addition to looking at all the various build threads, I highly recommend checking out the “Advanced Tactics” section where you can see examples of those who have taken their armor to the next levels of screen accuracy (EIB and Centurion).  I’d recommend that you aim to build to one of the certification levels, as TK’s look their best at these levels. It's really not hard to acquire EIB or Centurion, and it’s best to do during your build rather that after.


If, and when, you’re looking for other bits –and-pieces, accessories, boots, blasters, electronics, etc., be sure to check out the “Imperial Commissary/PX” section for items for sale, project runs, and for other stuff that most of the troopers use.


Also, if you haven’t done so already, make contact with your local Garrison. They’ll help guide you through the process of becoming a member of the 501st, and may have local Armor Parties in the works where you can get hands-on build advice and guidance, not to mention meet members of your future Garrison.


So, start a build thread here on FISD; post lots of pictures and questions. We are all here to help you out and to make sure you look your best, and represent the 501st as best as possible.


All the best on your TK journey! :duim:

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Hi Ken and welcome aboard future Trooper!


Thanks for the kind welcome 68Brick & for the info


this might be my first TK Bulid, i'm already a member of the 501st but this bulid will take a lot longer than my other ones i've done as this is the first all hard armor costume .


i might be in a manual wheelchair but i'm not going to let that stop me from becoming a TK & have already been added too the wounded warriors detachment

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its been too long since i started this bulid & thought it was time to get photos up of my TK Bulid & now have questions before i stat cutting things, 


any feedback would be great



where the penceil lines i've done is this the correct place to be cutting them Photos below


new photos coming soon as soon as i can get them loaded onto my pc


if the pencil line is not in the right place please show me where i should be cutting as once i cut its cut ....


Lower Arm Photos will follow as soon as i get them uploaded so i can post them in here

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