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[42] TK-77797 MacPhisto Troop Log

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I thought I'd start an official troop log to document my excursions for the Empire.  I've already posted about one of them here: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/40993-joe-and-sarahs-wedding-alexandria-va/   I thought a more thorough overview of my troops are in order, so here goes.


My first troop was at the Rogue One premier.  I was a bit intimidated.  I'm 6ft tall and the other TK, Kevin Belling, is 6ft 5!  No short stomtroopers here!




My next troop was at the Lovettsville Elementary School for the Lovettsville Reads program to encourage literacy with the kids.




This was an excellent troop!  I was so please to see the excitement on the kids' faces as they walked into our Star Wars room.


My next troop was at the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Alexandria, VA.














I also attended a wedding:









From here on out I'll try to do separate posts on this thread of my troops.


To recount, here are the troops in sum.


Rogue One Premier: Dec. 16, 2016

Lovettsville Reads: March 3, 2017

Alexandria Parade: March 4, 2017

Joe and Sarah's Wedding. March 11, 2017


I have another troop coming up this Friday at Herndon Elementary School.  Details to follow soon!

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Just got through with a troop for a local elementary school in Northern Virginia.  This was a troop for after care school children in an 80s bash.  All of us were present at the beginning but Darth Vader didn't appear until we'd already been in the room for about 7 minutes.  Upon his entrance, the kids just let out a collective "AHHHHH!"  We played games with the kids and a had a great time.


Only one definitive photograph to share.




That's me standing next to Vader.  Unfortunately I didn't realize, (and no one pointed out,) I had my sniper shin on the wrong shin!  Grrrr....  Oh well!

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April 8, 2017:


Alex's Army Childhood Cancer Awareness in Haymarket VA


After Action Report


Damon Degner - Sandtrooper
Damon's 2 Daughters - Jawas
Matthew Leech - TK
Solomon Odom - TK
Sabrina Odom - Handler
Carly Kennedy - Handler

Damon arrived ahead of the rest of us and confirmed with the event coordinator that we didn't have a secure spot to change/store stuff. Becaue of this we pulled our vehicles close to each other in order to provide assistance as needed. His two daughters were in attendance as Jawas, but were also wonderful handlers as we geared up. Carly arrived as the Damon's daughters were getting ready and helped them get all situated as well as provided assistance for Damon and myself. As we were finishing getting ready, Solomon and Sabrina arrived fresh from the X-Wing Miniatures event and went to get geared up as well.

We hung out just inside the entrance for a bit taking pictures with various attendees, before moving off to the bounce house area in order to prevent congestion at the entrance. Once the event got underway and the people lined up to enter the football field, we walked up and down the line taking addt'l photos and giving our own form of encouragement. It was great to see the kids and adults reaction to having us there, and quite hilarious when parents handed phones/cameras to their children so that the parents could get pictures with us. Carly and Sabrina were great as handlers, encouraging people to join us for photos, as well as taking photos for them when the attendees didn't have someone available to do so.

Unfortunately they didn't meet the minimum for the Guinness world record, but it was very inspiring to hear the stories of the families with children who had fought and survived. While sad, it was amazing to hear the stories of families who had a child who had lost their battle, and the families continue to fight the battle to end childhood cancer so that others don't have to suffer their same pain.

It was an amazing event, great to see the people's excitement at having us there, and we even offered to participate in the push up challenge in our armor if adding us to the total would help them reach the record.





I even got some target practice against a drone:




Even against a Minion!






I even made a friend!


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I had 3 troops in 2 days in 2 separate States, VA and WV, with 2 separate Garrisons, my own, Tyranus, and one with Garrison Corellia.  The first troop was at the Stele Open X-wing fighter gaming tournament directly before the Haymarket event listed above. 


I met up with Rob Weick, Bobba Fett, and a fellow imperial officer, (name escapes me right now).  We suited up at 0630 before heading down to the lobby.  We oversaw the registration of folks entering the tournament as I checked for credentials.  There was a great turnout of people who were most impressed and enthusiastic about our arrival.  I was so tired I didn't even notice my drop boxes weren't properly aligned!!





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So, the first troop of the three I participated in over one weekend was with Garison Corellia, (I represented Garrison Tyranus,) on 4-7-17 in Shepherdstown West Virginia, at Shepherd University, for Relay for Life.


This was my first Blast-a-Trooper event and I honestly didn't know what to expect.  Several of us showed up as TKs, a Tie Pilot, and even a Snowtrooper!



James Welsh - Snowtrooper

Scott Stevens - Imperial Officer

Jacob Stottlemyer - TK

John Vanorsdale - TK

Gaby Gabriela - Recruit

Possibly others








My daughter even enjoyed the event:







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This past weekend I did 2 troops.  I'm a bit behind on updating my troop log but I'm getting back into it.  This event was so much fun.  Nick, the Tank Commander, was here on his first troop.  Excellent troop for an excellent cause!


After Action Report:
- Event Name: Ellie's Hats Charity Pancake Breakfast
- Event Date: 5/20/2017
- Event Location: American Legion Post 177, Fairfax, VA
- Summary of Event: Checked in with Jay, he had a secure area for all of us to change and store our bins. All of us arrived on time, we were all outdoors greeting guests as they arrived for breakfast. We took photos in the parking lot with Eric Jacobs' Death Star Hummer, and an Ellie's Hats trash truck (logo: "trashing cancer!"). Spoke with some of the guests at the entrance. Weather was perfect, nice breeze, not too hot. We were treated to breakfast after trooping. Thanked Jay for having us, and followed up with an email. Jay's response below:

I need to thank you. The responses from having you guys there was VERY positive. You guys have the same mission that I have with Ellie's Hats which is to help bring a smile to children's faces. I would love to work with you guys whenever we can.

please stay in touch,

Jay Coakley
Ellie's Hats

- Total Number of hours worked: trooped from 8AM until approximately 10:45AM
- Money Raised: not sure icon_e_sad.gif

Damon Degner - DZ 10900
Nick Pasquariello - TA 42582
Scott Huls - TX 71317
Trish Fratarcangelo - TK 19950
Jim Fratarcangelo - TK 19650
Sean Antill - IO 11279
Lance Antill - TI 72770
Brian Robinson - TK 2918
Solomon Odom - TK 77797
Eric Jacobs - approved TIE Pilot, waiting on his Legion ID

Sabrina Odom
Carly Kennedy - also trooped as a Rebel Pilot icon_e_smile.gif















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My second troop last weekend, held directly after the first, was for an equally great cause.  Same folks showed up at the second one that did at the first.  My two kids had a great time at both events!


After Action Report:
- Event Name: EagleFest 2017 Fundraiser
- Event Date: 5/20/2017
- Event Location: Oak View Elementary, Fairfax, VA
- Summary of Event: Checked in with Mrs. Bartley and Mrs. Jansik who were running the event to secure two rooms to change, store bins and identify the status on blasters, since the event took place in a school. Mrs. Bartley informed me she had asked the Principals secretary who said "You can't have Star Wars without blasters" and did not mind so long as they were not pointed at anyone or could actually fire any projectiles. Both Mrs. Bartley and Mrs. Jansik were extremely excited to have us in attendance and were even more excited when they found out there would be almost 10 troopers. The event mostly took in place in the gym and outside on the play ground where there were small carnival rides, blow up rock wall/slides, and a small train, which we attempted to commandeer for the empire. Could not have asked for a better troop, weather was great, the staff were extremely accommodating and provided us plenty of drinks and food. There were a couple rambunctious kids, but outside of that, this was a perfect troop and could not have asked for a better time. I spoke with several individuals who had never heard of the 501st/Rebel Legion and were extremely interested in having us in attendance for their community/charity events. At the conclusion of the event, I spoke with Mrs. Bartley and Mrs. Jansik who could not thank us enough for being there and informed me they would definitely request us again in the future.

- Total Number of hours worked: trooped from 1130AM until approximately 230PM
- Money Raised: The event ended after 3PM with an auction and they had not counted the money raised due to the auction.

Scott Huls - Zaalif - 71317
Sean Antill - 7Fdude15 - 11270
Trish Fratarcangelo - Fratmandu - 19950
Jim Fratarcangelo - tiafrat - 19650
Brian Robinson - TKRestonVA - 2918
Nick Pasquariello - Npask82 - 42582
Lance Antill - USAFlance - 72770
Damon Dener - HappyTrooperDotCom - 10900
Solomon Odom - MacPhisto - 77797

Sabrina Odom
Carly Kennedy - also trooped as a Rebel Pilot

P.S. This was Jim (FRATMANDU) Fratarcangelo's Elementary School when he grew up in the area.





















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These are great photos!!!!  I'm looking forward to being able to post my adventures as well!!!!  (just a few more days until my box arrives)  :smiley-sw013:


Box day!  Trust me, once you start trooping it's difficult to say no!

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Box day!  Trust me, once you start trooping it's difficult to say no!

Its' funny because RIGHT after I said all this, my next door neighbor said that there was a HUGE box waiting at my doorsteps!!!!!  Needless to say... mine has arrived lol! :D

I'm already wanting this day to be over so I can get home and start working in on it! 

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Congratulations on getting your box!  See you in uniform soon, (well, soon being relative, as soon as you get it all together!).

Thanks!  I'm going to be posting a build thread soon!  I know it'll be a little while before I can actually get it finished, but I'm looking forward to it! :D

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Event Name: National Air and Space Museum: The Force at 40


Comments: NASM will be hosting a special event on May 25th to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Wars. The program will feature two free, ticketed film screenings, SW-themed activities, a live brass band, and talks on the intersection of science fiction and real space exploration. We would also like to invite characters to attend for visitor interaction and photo-ops, similar in style and scale to our annual Air and Scare event at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, VA.
Referred by: NASM has enjoyed working with the 501st for several years now.



Christian Evangelista - ID (GT) - Needs Parking
Bria LaVorgna - ID (GT) - Needs Parking
Solomon Odom - TK (GT) - Needs Parking
Matt Leech - TK (GT) - Needs Parking
Clayton Kratz - IC (GT) - Needs Parking
Dale LeTourneau - ID (GT) - Needs Parking
Billie LeTourneau - ID (GT)
Scott Huls - TX (GT) - Needs Parking
Melissa Ralph - ID - Needs Parking
William Ralph - TK
Brian Robinson - TK (GT) - Needs Parking
Craig Staley - TK (GT) - Needs Parking
Jeff Ryan - Kylo - Needs Parking
Matt Blank - DZ (GC) - Needs Parking
Justin Strait - Rex (GT) - Needs Parking
Devin Minnich - TB - Needs Parking
Jeffrey Northman - TK (GT) - Needs Parking
Benjamin Jerauld - TK (GT) - Needs Parking
Jess Wedlock - TK - Needs Parking
John Kuzins - TK (GT) - Needs Parking
Emily Schram - Rex - Needs Parking
Anna Mitchell (GT) - Needs Parking
Chris Williams (GT) - Needs Parking
Carlos F Cruz (GT) - Needs Parking
Everett Pilson - Needs Parking
Nick Pasquariello - TA - Needs Parking
Lance Antill - TI (GT) - Needs Parking
Sean Antill - ID (GT)
Spyke Alexander - TS (GT)
Dale Henry - Vader (GT) - Needs Parking
BJ Browne - TK or ID (GT) - Needs Parking

Robert I Boyce - Needs Parking
April Ryan

Sabrina Odom


This was one of the most enjoyable troops I have ever been on in my short time as a stormtrooper. 




There were two instances that stand out in my mind when I look back on this troop. 


I was able to assist the security guards as guests arrived by "wanding" them as they came through the metal detectors.  I would occasionally make a remark like, "Excuse me sir, is that a cucumber wrapped in aluminum foil?  You know that isn't allowed."


The security guards had a great time joking with us.  I even asked about the benefits and the "bonus situation".  Some of the guards were quite intimidated by me though and chose to run away.








The other part of the troop that was superb was the mini-orchestra that played there.  I nearly choked up in my helmet when they played Princess Leia's theme.  I was standing so close to this 10 person orchestra that my microphone picked up on the music and broadcast it, complete with TK scratches, through my speaker in my chest.


Then they played the imperial march and I, and another TK, walked over to stand in front of them.




This was a great cross-garrison troop and I got to meet a lot of great people!









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Event Name: Washington Nationals Star Wars Day

May 27, 2017


Wow! That was a fun event! Thanks to everyone that could make it out. While we did get a few light showers, the lower temperatures made up for it! A lot more people were able to troop the entire game. (That was over six hours in kit!) The Nats did a great job of taking care of us again. They let us into the shop early to buy swag this year. They also brought us Chewbacca coozies. (I had to use mine on Memorial Day...) As usual, they brought in drinks, sandwiches, and most importantly cookies. The guys delivering cookies received loud cheers when they arrived. This year, they had a security person assigned to each team along with one intern for every two teams. This made it much easier for us to get around. They also helped keep us on schedule. Personally, I found that the shifts when very quickly. Actually, we had a number of people that wanted to keep trooping rather than taking their full breaks. My only recommendation for next year would be to have a few people assigned to table duty rather than having the squires try to man the table while their teams were using the backdrop. Thanks again to everyone that made this event a success!!!

Jess Wedlock - TK
Eric Grubb - TB
Bryan Curtis - Boba
Anna Mitchell - Jango (GT)
Chris Williams - Montross (GT)
Bria LaVorgna - ID (GT)
Phil Gastilo - TK
Justin Strait - SL (GT)
Solomon Odom - TK (GT)
Kate Walsh - DZ (CG)
Brian Robinson - TK (GT)
Ben Jen - TK (GT)
Emily Schram - Rex
Dieter Jobe - (GT)
Jason Pizzino - DZ (GT)
BJ Brown - ID (GT)
Matthew Morley - TK
Melissa Ralph - ID
William Ralph - TK
Anna Mac Adams - Director Isard (GT)
Catherine Evans - DZ (GT)
Josh Orr - TR
Scott Huls - TX (GT)
Drew Brasfield - TK (GT)
Virgil Bauer - TK
Sean Timmothy Waites - TK
Stephen Bauchan - TK
Charlie Mann - TI
Charles Singer - FO TIE

Sabrina Odom
Stacey Pizzino
Patrick Talbott
Kelly Bauer
Natalie Bauchan
Kevin Lackie


This was a great event!  My wife squired for me, as usual, and we spent the entire day at the ballpark.  My Mom and my 2 kids entered the park at 2 and sat with everyone else.  Once again, this was a cross-garrison troop.  We had several groups of us trooping around the ballpark at all times.

















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Here's the comprehensive list of all the troops I have been in so far.  I've trooped as Vader lately so that's cut back on my TK time, but I'm still plugging along!


Solomon’s Troop Log


1.     December 17, 2016 – Rogue One Premiere, Ashburn, Alamo Drafthouse

2.     March 3, 2017 – Lovettsville Reads at Lovettsville VA. Elementary School

3.     March 4, 2017 – Alexandria St. Patty’s Day Parade, in Alexandria VA.

4.     March 11, 2017  - Joe and Sarah’s Wedding in Alexandria, VA.

5.     March 24, 2017 – Herndon Elementary School After School Care program event

6.     April 7, 2017 – Relay for Life event in Shepherdstown W.V.

7.     April 8, 2017 – Stele Open Gaming Tournament in Herndon, VA.

8.     April 8, 2017 – Alex’s Army Childhood Cancer Awareness event in Haymarket, VA.

9.     April 29, 2017 – Prom-posal for Charlotte’s daughter’s friend

10.  April 29, 2017 – Frederick Keys Star Wars Day

11.  May 6 2017 – FCBD – Beyond Comics @ Shepherdstown W.V.

12.  May 6, 2017 – FCBD at Comic Logic Books Ashburn VA.

13.  May 20, 2017 – Ellie’s Hats Fairfax, VA

14.  May 20, 2017 – Eaglefest Oak View Elementary School, Fairfax VA

15.  May 25, 2017 – Star Wars 40th anniversary at Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, D.C.

16.  May 27, 2017 – Star Wars Day Washington Nationals, Washington D.C.

17.  June 3, 2017 – Martinsburg Library Comicon, Martinsburg, WV

18.  July 4, 2017 – 4th of July Parade, Purcellville, VA

19.  July 8, 2017 – Rust Library Mini-Con, Leesburg, VA

20.  July 14, 2017 – Dominick’s Birthday do-over, Leesburg, VA

21.  June 29, 2017 – NOVACon, Tyson’s Corner, VA

22.  August 5, 2017 – FragForce Gaming Event, Herndon, VA

23.  October 14, 2017 – Driven to Cure, D.C. Prime, Ashburn, VA

24.  October 22, 2017 – Air and Scare, Udvar Hazy Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

25.  December 14, 2017 – The Last Jedi premiere, Udvar Hazy Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum IMAX

26.  December 16, 2017 – The Last Jedi premiere, Alamo Draft House

27.  February 11, 2018 – Boy Scout Blue and Gold Celebration Leesburg

28.  February 20, 2018 – Cub Scout Blue and Gold - Berryville

29.  February 24, 2018 – Health and Fitness Fair WV

30.  April 21, 2018 – Frederick Keys, Frederick MD

31.  May 4, 2018 – End of Year Celebration Silent Auction/Ashburn

32.  May 24, 2018 – SOLO Movie Premiere Alamo Draft House Ashburn

33.  June 28, 2018 – MiniCon – Lovettsville

34.  August 4, 2018 – Reels on the Ramp – Chantilly

35.  August 25, 2018 – Fairfax ComiCon

36.  October 20, 2018 – Air and Scare – A&Space Museum

37.  October 24, 2018 – Shep ‘R Treat – Shepherdstown WV

38.  October 27, 2018 – Purcellville Halloween Block Party

39.  October 28, 2018 – Purcellville Church Trunk or Treat

40.  May 5, 2019 - Purcellville VA Scouting for Bricks

41.  June 13, 2019 - Brunswick Public Library Community Day

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Nice work trooper, could you also add your troop count into the title (TK troops only ) 



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  • MacPhisto changed the title to [41] TK-77797 MacPhisto Troop Log
On 9/21/2019 at 7:06 PM, gmrhodes13 said:

Nice work trooper, could you also add your troop count into the title (TK troops only ) 



Roger that.  I edited the title of this post to include the number of troops.  Is that what's required?  Thank you!

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  • MacPhisto changed the title to [42] TK-77797 MacPhisto Troop Log

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