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Relay for life, Canadian University version

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admin: if this can be cross posted to any other thread areas without contravening forum rules please do so. 



In a couple weeks i will be participating in the University version of the Relay for life.  It is 12 hours of activities, walking, stuff like that, inside out main communal building on campus.  Now, while nowhere near as hot, or arduous, as that heroic sandy walking around a continent, I will be 

walking this in my TK.  Both of my parents died from Cancer and related illnesses and this will be my first of many I hope.


Pics will come once done.


Below is a link to the info page:  I am sadly sure that tax receipts are only good for Canadian donors, but not 100% certain.  If anyone would like

to support myself, and my team of Nursing and Health care students, much appreciation.  If not, no worries at all.




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