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New DL Daetrin's Opening Statement

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Hi everyone,


First off, I want to thank everyone for your support and faith in me to make 2017 a great year for FISD and every stormtrooper in the Legion. I do not take getting elected – even an uncontested election - for granted in the least. Yes, I founded FISD and was the DL for many years, but I never looked at getting elected as a “gimme”, or to mean that I can coast this year. I would not have run if I did not feel I could give it my primary attention, unquestioned loyalty, and best effort.


After several years as DL, I was feeling a bit burned out. I was out of ideas, getting a little tired of Legion politics, and felt stepping away would be good for both myself and the detachment. After a much needed break, I found that my passion for stormtrooper costuming and FISD in general were rekindled, and there is so much I want to accomplish this year, and give back to the community. I feel truly blessed to have been given this opportunity to serve you once more.


For 2017 we have a lot of events to support this year:

• Star Wars Celebration VIII in Orlando

• Release of Episode VIII this winter

• 40th Anniversary of the release of Star Wars in May

• 20th Anniversary of the Legion


Can you say merch? Oh yeah! And of course, lots of other special ways to celebrate these key milestones for sure. 


In addition there are some key initiatives I’m highly passionate about driving to completion:


CRL Work

I will to create a team to power through this to clear out a long backlog. I know everyone has been patient, but it's time to move forward. Some of the top priorities include:

• Rogue One Stormtrooper completed.

• Heavy Weapons Trooper updates.

• ROTJ rivet question

• Reviewing EU trooper costumes based on video games, such as the Battlefront Magma Trooper, where there is not a CRL yet

• ANH Space Pack for ANH TK's


New Merchandise (some key items)

• March to 1000 Expert Infantry: we’ll have something special to help incentivize troopers, including something for people who help others go EI.

• Special items for Celebration and 40 years of Star Wars.

• Joint Ops Coin for SpecOps (we did one for MEPD)

• New EI coin (as we haven’t done one for a bit)


Forum Upgrades (way overdue)

• Upgrade to the latest version of forum software including…wait for it…a new skin!

• Bulk move TFA build threads to open boards now that all the secrecy is gone.

• Review & re-org content, get rid of areas that have little content. Yes, there will be a point person for this, besides me. 

• Fix EI/Centurion pages


Other areas of Excellence

Your idea here! Seriously. Usually some of the best ideas we get are from you, our members. I really do want to hear from everyone what would make FISD a better resource, and a better community, for our membership.


2017 Staff

No man can run the detachment alone, it takes a strong team. I’m very pleased that so many of the existing staff are returning for this year. It’s my honor to present:


Leadership Team

Detachment Leader (DL): Me (Daetrin)

Executive Officer (XO): Tim (Dark CMF)

Merchandise Officer (MBO): Wyatt (TK-4205)

Deployment Officer (DO): Andrew (Sly11)

Deployment Officer (DO): Tony (ukswrath)

Deputy Deployment Officer: Steve (gazmosis)

Provost Marshall (PM): Mark (captsafe66)

Provost Marshall (PM): Eric (tolo)

Personnel Officer (PO): AC (Novatie)

Public Relations (PRO): TBD

Deputy Public Relations: Evan (holnave)

Attaché Ambassador (AA): Joseph (justjoseph63)

CRL Director (CD): TBD



Web Team

Webmaster: Jeroen (Svache)

Development: Mathias (Locitus)

Server Admin: Eric (Darth Aloha)



Thank you so much to Tim and the entire 2016 staff for a fantastic year. FISD has continued to grow and remains a well-respected detachment. The newsletters and outreach were very well done, and they all deserve our sincerest thanks and appreciation.


I’m very excited to get started and look forward to making 2017 the best year yet. Please always feel free to post or PM anytime with ideas on how we as your 2017 staff can help. Or, simply volunteer. If there is an area that you are passionate about, just let me know as we are always looking to bring new people on board. FISD is far larger now than it was 11 years ago. While the staff can chart direction, often the best work comes from new team members.


My goal is nothing less than to ensure that FISD is the best home a Legion stormtrooper can wish for, and I look forward to a great year.


With unquestioned loyalty,


Paul “Daetrin” TK-8020

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Naturally, I am excited to continue to be a part of the best Command Staff, of the best Detachment, guiding and overseeing the most iconic costumes in the Galaxy.


Congratulations Paul, as has already been mentioned, we're ready to capitalize on the momentum, push up our sleeves, and get to work, boss!

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In truth, I'm really blessed to have Tim & nearly all the staff carry on another year. It's a huge advantage to have a team that is fully functional and works well together out of the bat, rather than rebuilding from scratch.

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