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Themaninthesuitcase Troop Diary

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Troop #13 - 29 September 2018 - ElstreeCon 2.0 (approx 5 hours in armour)


Only my second troop this year.  Whilst a small quiet convention, the location was a little bit of a special one.


I've been lucky enough to troop at Elstree Studios before, and it's only 11 miles from home so this isn't as exotic to me as some but it was an excellent troop.


Elstree Studios by Christopher Pearson, on Flickr


The convention it's self takes place in a small ballroom style room in the front building shown above.  There was a small number of stands there selling the usual memorabelia and tat as well as a few actors/acrtresses doing signings.  The majority had a Star Wars link, maninly back ground characters.


One notable actor was Alan Harris AKA Bossk, who also played a Stormtrooper in ESB and ROTJ, a Rebel in ANH and was the model of the infamous white Prototype armour that became Boba Fett.


I was lucky enough to have a chat with Alan in the changing area during lunch, he is a lovley person who seems to really enjoy what we do.


Meeting Alan Harris Aka Bossk from ESB by Photo by Richard Pottle (TD 77670)
L->R : Dan Branton (TK 42911) Declan Baker (TI 9845) Dave Gilmore (TK 73076) Alan Harris (Bossk) Chris Pearson (TK 10911) Adam Knapp (TK 11780) Dan Wray (TI 15978)


Most of the convetion was spent outside the front of the venue on the road drawing attention to the convention from passers by, and nearly causing multple accidents on the roundabout where people would just stop to look!


Outside the front of Elstree Studios by Trist Fulcher (TI 3493)
L->R : Dan Branton (TK 42911) Dave Gilmore (TK 73076) Chris Pearson (TK 10911) Adam Knapp (TK 11780) Dan Wray (TI 15978) Declan Baker (TI 9845)


We also spent a small amount of time just inside the perimeter but as there were multiple shows filming that day this was a bit busy with blacked out cars and SUVs.  The rest of the time was spent inside the venue it's self.


Mid afternoon we were given an incredible opportunity.  The organiser lead us out through an out of bounds door and onto the lot.  We walked past a hot Stage 8, some of ESB was filmed here, up to the top of the hill.



We're Home by Wayne Allen (TK 52517)
L->R : Declan Baker (TI 9845) Dan Branton (TK 42911) Adam Knapp (TK 11780) Chris Pearson (TK 10911)


Here we were able to get a few photos in front of the George Lucas Stage where it all began.  Currently home to both Strictly Come Dancing and The Crown.


Again whilst quiet, the people and the location made this one to remember.

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Awesome loction for a Troop and you all looked great:salute:

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You guys look fantastic!  Excellent troop and congrats :salute:

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