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Turning to the really dark side

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Today was a big day....BBB-day :dancing-trooper: (trooper should be black :P )





Laying out the pieces...loving it!






Getting some work done right of the bat





Heavy trimming going on...






Shiny even with the protective plastic still on....too bad there aren`t enough hours in the day to keep working on it...I´m not trimming as fast as I know some of you can...but I´m in no hurry :smiley-sw013:




Bicep pieces are to small though....whats best, remove return edge or shim?

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There actually IS an approval for this armor, not sure if you posted in unapproved by accident or not, but theres an entire forum for spec ops armor like shadow troopers and they are 501st approvable. Look into it! I got an anovos shadow as well and i'm still working on it

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Love a BBB, as Caleb said Spec Ops look after the Shadow Trooper, you may want to head over there. Here's the CRl http://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TX_shadow_stormtrooper

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Oh...I thought this was were you posted about, for instance, the shadowtrooper..Thanks guys I'd be sure to check it out! "Must have took a wrong turn" -Luke Skywalker ANH :salute:

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