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Starlightroom Christmas Party 2016

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EVENT: Starlightroom Christmas Party (the day before)


LOCATION: PMH Hospital, Subiaco, 19th December 2016


TIME: 1.00 - 3.00pm


TROOPERS: ID59226 - Jerry - jezzapm, IC36367 - Luke - Verfolger, TK85421 - Q - gmrhodes13, TR13310 - Liz - Liz




REPORT: We arrived at 12.30 in plenty of time to change, only to find our attendance was not expected, a quick check of communications and indeed our attendance was organised for th 19th, not the 20th as staff had been advised. No problems we aim to please and after a quick converstion witht the Captain Starlights we decided to adlib and soldier on.


After changing we headed to the Starlightroom to say hello to some younglings then it was off to the outpatients centre. We spent quite a bit of time having photos with families and staff, then headed to some of the wards. We made a special appearnce for a young lad named Kai who was in a quarinteened section so we headed out to the flamingo garden outside his window, very touching as he is very ill and can't leave the hospital and has his own letter box in the garden. After this we had another walk around the wards until it was time for a few of our members to head outside to replenish the hungry parking meters.


After a short break we made our way back to the Starlight room for a TV interview which was broadcasted througout the hospital, oh yes and there was dancing ;).


The Starlight room closed at 3.00pm so we called it a day.


Starlight organiser appologised for the mix up and thanked us for our attendance and while doing so our squad leader Liz organised with PAC some of their members to attend in our place for the next day as they have organised an Olaf and have a Santa attending.






A few photos








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