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No Reason - Just Saying Hi!


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After seeing pretty much every TK in the entire Star Wars universe bite the big one on screen, I felt like I needed to come here and give my long lost brothers and sisters a HUG. 


Actually I guess I'm the one who is Long Lost!  :wub:


Mama TK says Hi, sends her love, and hopes you all have wonderful holidays, winter break, or whatever you're up to.


Also I'll be in NYC for a while between Xmas and NYE if anyone wants to get coffee or otherwise break up the New York Monotony. (That ought to get me some outings, right? "I'll show you!") I'm a California native, what do you want?


STAY SAFE, and keep your blaster at your side!



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Could we at least see a couple of troopers with injuries that can get back up ;).


Nice to see you here Ingrid

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