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PMH MEGAZONE Christmas Party and BBQ

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DSS Troop Report


Event: PMH MEGAZONE Christmas Party and BBQ


Location: Princess Margaret Childrens Hospital, Wednesday December 7


Troopers: Liz 13310 Liz,gmrhodes 85421 Q,Stuart 51164 DV64


Wrangler: Em


Report: We arrived on time and had some PAC members join us in providing some entertainment to kids who unfortunately were in hospital close to Christmas and some who will be in hospital over the Christmas period.


The BBQ and entertainment were in full swing when we arrived,usual meet,greet and photos taken.We had the opportunity to complete a ward visit,these visits are always rewarding for us,the kids and their families.Back to the party for another round of meet and greets as people were always coming and going.Time to call it a day and we were treated to a bite to eat.Liz pulled rank and made me eat 2 icecreams,one was mocha,the other spearmint,it was torture,not.


Injuries: none


Armour repair: clasp on Q's braces needs replacing


Mission Status: complete


Report by: DV64






Unfortunately the clasp broke on my braces.





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