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Who watched Rogue One? Review/ *SPOILERS?*


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Caught it for the first time today and loved it,


Vader's still got it... took me back to my childhood with that feeling of being absolutely scared out of your wits by his menacing presence on screen. Pity there wasn't a large couch to jump behind but I couldn't take my eyes off him!




The two Guardians of the Whills characters were also a highlight:




The nod to these two troopers having a quiet chat in ANH was also appreciated:



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I did...<br><br>

Had missed out the first 5 minutes, because 3D wasn't -laying right... ermm.. went up managers, offered refund while we got to watch it in a different cinema for free...The screen was bigger, much better IMO... it was like IMAX, but it was called regular? wtf...<br><br>

Now the story... I was extremely dissapointed... Now this is just my opinion, It was a good film... but it just didn't have that star wars flavour... to me it was just another sci-fi for some reason... I loved the end, a good nod indeed... But the film itself? Just seemed like a story you'd see on some japenese cartoons/animes... <br><br><br>


We're clear... So, the deaths... Umm... I didn't feel any sad about any of the characters that died... Usually I would in a star wars film, like Ep 4-7 but this? The character development just felt off... Anyone with me? The thing at the end with scarif and all... Just what? Comeon, play some sad music, and make it more painful to watch...<br><br>

I was really hoping for the dark lord of the sith to be more brutal and act more naturally like the original body actor... The pun he made wasn't funny nor menacing... Seemed to force on the whole, Hey, I'm a dark lord! Scary scary!<br><br>

Hmmmpphh... As much as I wanted to love it, the trailers 1 & 2 summarized it for me. It just spoiled the experience. <br><br>

Good movie in some areas, others it was so force to make it feel like star wars, it was no longer star wars...<br><br><br>

Yes, it was fresh and new, but was the chnage of tone justified? I wanted the charcters to have a better ending... (If you know what I mean...:CutsInHalf:)<br><br>

Now the death star... No... just No... If it took alderaan about 2 seconds to be blown up, how come it took scarif bloody minutes? Felt like an hour.

I think it had to do with the fact that it was the first tests they ever did, and if anything, it may not have been at full power. After all, Tarkin said when they were given orders to blow Jeddha, "No, I think the Holy City will be enough for today," giving the indication that they were only destroying a region of the planet.

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I think it had to do with the fact that it was the first tests they ever did, and if anything, it may not have been at full power. After all, Tarkin said when they were given orders to blow Jeddha, "No, I think the Holy City will be enough for today," giving the indication that they were only destroying a region of the planet.

Yes, exactly, they mentioned twice that it was only a one reactor impulse being used, not enough to destroy an entire planet.



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Why is everyone hating on episode VII? I love it... I was expecting an Apple to resemble an Apple made 39 years ago. I wasn't expecting anything new, and the majority of fans were OT fans, so they've proclaimed many times before the screening, "It was a movie for the fans" So I don't get why people were expecting something new... I mean, Star wars is Star Wars.<br><br>

I came in the cinema expecting a reincarnation of an OT movie to give me back my hapiness, it was blown away. It was an apple made to resemble the apple you tried 39 years ago... (Although I wasn't born anywhere near there)<br><br>

In Rogue One, I was expecting so,ething mew, but still contain the star wars feel... I was sorta dissapointed, but I liked it.<br><br>

I mean, did anyone seriously want something new for Ep VII? You were pretty much warned. I don't think you go into a restaurant and asked for the customers choice, an Apple Pie, and Expect the dish to have Raspberry filling instead >.<

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If you look carefully on Jeddha you'll see one TK wearing the most effective armor in all of the Star Wars movies. When Chirrut is using one of the Stormtoopers as a shield, he gets shot by the other stormtroopers and you hear him grunt and continue moving and he is still alive after being shot and beaten up until he gets shot in the head by Baze.  I didn't catch it until the second or third viewing. Also, if anyone has a 4DX theater near by showing Rogue One you definitely need to go see it. Though I would watch it in either a 2D or 3D/IMAX3D showing first. 

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Having only seen it seven times now, I have to say that I love the movie.


I don't personally feel it is right to rank it among the Episodic/Numbered movies.  Why not?  It isn't one of them, and in many ways, I actually feel that it is the best made movie in the Star Wars Universe to this point in time on many, many levels.  That doesn't mean that I can say it is better/worse than ESB/ANH/ROTJ/TFA, etc.  It is different.


Like many here, I would have liked to have seen a better showing by the Imperial Troops, but over repeated viewings they are indeed more effective than they have been in any film not named something like Empire Strikes Back.  They kill a lot of people.  A lot of them.  To include a character with a name - one of my favorites, actually (even if it took a LOT of them to do it, they did).


The one thing that I'm kind of on the fence about is the music.  While I feel that it works well within the context of the film, I couldn't hum a few bars of any of it right now.   It was pointed out to me by a good friend that I said the same thing about the music in TFA, but I remembered that music.  I just felt that it needed a more definitive and memorable equivalent to the Imperial March.  Rogue One's music just hasn't stuck in my memory the way a piece of music has from every other Star Wars film so far.


From the beginning, Gareth Edwards has said that Rogue One was not going to be about Force powers, Lightsabers, and Jedi, that it was going to be a war movie set in the Star Wars universe.  I really feel that they completely nailed that.  I told my father that when he goes to see it, he should expect something more along the lines of a 60s war movie than a "normal" Star Wars movie, because it really is a war movie.


There have been a lot of complaints about character development, and actually several that I have read made statements like "There is no where for these characters to go beyond this film."  Hello...  Did you WATCH the ending?  There isn't anywhere for these characters to go.   :D  That's the idea.  I felt a good connection to the sacrifice of many of the characters but will admit that the big one could have given us a little more angst to go along with the sunrise on the beach.


One of my favorite take-aways from Rogue One though, is that LFL under Disney has set a high bar for the Anthology films.  If this is what we can/should expect from the Star Wars Stories, then I am indeed a very, very happy fan and greatly looking forward to the upcoming stand-alone films that will follow.

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Having seen Rogue One for the 1st time yesterday. I had tickets to 7:00 p.m. preview screening

and could not go. With Christmas and the season. I finally saw it yesterday. My reaction was It was

Better Than I Thought. I enjoyed it way Better than The Force Awakens! It was like Seeing

Star Wars for the 1st Time back in 1977 and Empire back in 1980! I was Amazed.

What "Rogue One" did that TFA did not was Tie in the movie timeline. It said that it was a stand alone

It was not. It was Episode 3.5.


Rogue One explained more than TFA did? Engineers, Security sites, More about Yavin IV.

TFA problem was too much focus on the Ray, Fin, Poe, Snooke, etc...

and not what happened between Jedi and Episode VII.


I like how they brought up "Captian Antillies" the one Vader choked on the Blockade Runner in EP IV.

I like how Bail Organa mentioned a friend who fought in the Clone Wars,  Ben Kenobi.


What I wished would they could have done more with, was mention Lea's Role with the Imperial Senate

and had Bail mention to Lea to go to Tatioinne and find General Kenobi with the plans. Also, have c3po and r2d2

answer to their previous master Captain Antillies


Another way to end the film was to enplane how Vader tracked Lea's Blockade Runner to Tattoine

and added the cut scenes with Luke on Tattoine looking up at the Space battle and end the Film

with how Star Wars opened with the Blockade Runner being chased by the Star Destroyer.



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My .02<br>

I liked the movie for what it was. (I never saw any trailers for it) I didn't expect to see half of the interesting things that popped up, such as tarkin, a young Leia, and a re-purposed imperial droid that had the best lines of the movie.<br>

Having read "Rise of the Empire" it filled in some really nice things and I think that it addressed why there was a flaw built in, which many of us questioned since day 1.<br><br>

So it wasn't the "blow away movie" that a lot of people hoped for. Then again the majority of us saw the originals as kids and we associate it with our childhood. Now we've grown up and have become jaded adults, maybe even cynical as nothing compares to the wonder of seeing this through a child's eyes. An acquaintance of mine is arguing with me that the movies are not exactly like the books and so this isn'the true canon. Another tells me why the engineering of all this is impossible, a division how light speed can never be attained blah,blah,blah. I don't care it's a movie.<br><br>

All I all I enjoyed the movie and think it was a nice filler film. <br><br>

Oh p.so. James Earl jones.....so much win in that along

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A little late, almost too late. Last night was the last showing they had at the local theater for Rogue One. I had promised my cousin I would see it with him, we've seen all the star wars movies in theaters since ROTJ in 83.  Had to keep the tradition going although is work wasn't cooperating much. I loved it from start to finish. Getting to see all the classic Imperials and Rebels from when I was a kid again was just awesome. I am totally blown away by how good Tarkin was done, and how big of a part he had in the movie. The only thing I would really change would have been at the end on the Tantive IV, closed it out with view behind R2-D2 and C-3PO and that other protocol droid walking down the hallway together.


One good thing about RO if nothing else. I think it finally puts an end to the age old O2 tank/Thermal detonator debate. It's clearly not a thermal detonator.

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I'm on the 20th or so viewing. Love it.


I'm a bit confused: when Saw Gererra said "it's a trap, the pilot, the message..." could that mean that the empire (Vader) intended to use the pilot to ferret out the rebels? Was the "message" intended to die on Jeddah, along with the rebels?


Anyway, love all the easter eggs throughout. All of the blasters and ships from Clone Wars. 


Bor Gullet, the mind reading octopus looks like a creature in a clone wars episode, the one where they fight the slavers. Episode 20, I think.


Here's a pic- http://a.dilcdn.com/bl/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2014/11/ACW_IA_93602_L.jpg

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It was ok for me. I liked how it did marry up to The New Hope as it was suppose to. And I loved how there was more of Vader and that he just didn't throw his lightsabre but rather used the FORCE more. The action scene when he border the rebel vessel and took out everyone rocked. And I agree that there was no connection with characters. I was more upset that the Imperial droid that turned good died in the end. <br>

The font and non Star Wars themed music is normal as it is not considered an actually part of the saga. It's just a "story" included in the story line. The Last Scum Jedi will be out soon enough. Can't wait.

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