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Rogue One Innaloo Event Cinema


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EVENT: Rogue One Innaloo Event Cinema 14th December 2016



TK98311 - Peter - Heinous

TK671 - Mark - TK671

BH79815 - Glenn - Fett79

TK77620 - Aaron - Darth Reign

ID59226 - Jerry - jezzapm


REPORT: Photos with general public coming in and out of cinema. Lots of compliments on costumes well done everyone. Sizzler manager asked a few of us to come into Sizzler and check ID of patrons. Jezza, Heinous and public TIE pilot went in and had photos with familys and a big staff one with Sizzler. Costume competition later on in the evening with public and Rebel Legion with the lazy no good rebel (looking at you Jarrod LOL). Aaron having a ball in his Jawa (Martini) costume trying to shoplift and promptly arrested by Peter. Staff highly amused. Aaron is awesome to have on troops. Jezza looking the part as the Imperial Officer in command. Fett killing it just with his presence. Joined by Rebel Legion Jarrad (X-wing pilot, aka lazy no good rebel) and Natasha as Jedi. VIP room we had access to for changing and rest breaks. Had a great time.


INJURIES: No injury's






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I know this is a stupid question, but, where IS the loo? I see you guys, but I don't see you in one......



too soon?




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Lol, seems good... Sadly I had my midnight release ruined... The 3D didn't work, so you got a double-visioned screen... They said it had to do with the movie they were given not performing for their players...<br><br><br>

But I got a full refund, and got to see it on a even bigger screen (Not as big as imax i believe) still lost the 5 minutes of the start walking up with the group to the manager...

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