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So I was encouraged to post an updated CRL draft of the current info we have so far. Here is what I have pieced together regarding some of the main parts.




-Is generically symmetrical (there is the iconic bump on the bottom of the left eye (viewer's view).

-Lenses are green or dark green, but are made to conceal the wearer's eyes.

-Tube stripes are recessed, and painted dark blue.

-The brow can vary in height, but is reccomended to stay close to the eyes.

-The neck hole has black trim running along the edge. Whatever method of going about this is up to the builder, however plastidipping the edge or merely painting the edge black will not pass approval.

-Matches same white as rest of armor.


Chest armor:

-Is symmetrical.

-Is slightly long, but wide at the bottom.

-Shoulder straps are inserted into some slanted slots at the shoulder area. Same goes for the back armor. The straps have etched or carved sideways lines running along them.

-Is fit to the size of the wearer.


Back Armor:

-Is symmetrical.

-Is fitting to the body type of the wearer.

-The bottom sides start to curve around the wearer until they are cut off. A black plastic piece will be placed behind the end and connected to the bottom sides of the chest armor. Can be connected through snaps.

-The back will have a slanted box in the middle of the back armor. The sides with the deepest slants are the top and bottom of the box. In the box will be a recessed area with some thick walled greeblies shaped like O II. On the bottom of the I I's are some sideways line indentations. Over the top of the sides where it is has a flat edge before being recessed, there is a separate flat piece of trim over that. It is has a visible seam on it's sides (found by the recent video taken by a 501st member at the World Premier night, where they had a screen used costume. I'll provide the video below)

-Is approximately same height as chest armor.

-The straps in the slots from the chest armor will go over the wearer's shoulder, and into slots located at the shoulder area of the back armor.


Abdomen Armor:

-Is symmetrical and fitted to the wearer.

-Has exactly 5 raised lines in the front, with a center box over the bottom of the middle line. The box has a grill on the bottom right, 4 buttons on the left (the top 3 buttons are dark grey, and the bottom button is dark blue), and above the grill at the top is a mini recessed square with a mini screen of some sorts. Above the box and almost directly below the chest armor, next to the 2 middles lines are 2 rectangular sections that have been carved out. See reference photo for details (for whenever we have one)

-The ends underneath the arms have a raised end, and the ends are slanted forward towards the front of the abdomen, like so, \

-On the left of the abdomen (viewers view), in between 2 of the 5 raise lines is a sideways rectangle.

-Armor extends into upper torso armor.


Ammo belt:

-Is entirely made of plastic, made up of 2 pieces, with the halves joining directly in the middle of the wearer's side waist. The rear half overlaps the front half's ends and attach with whatever method deemed suitable by the builder.

-Has ammo boxes across the front, all of them made separately from the main belt and are secured to it.

-The ammo boxes on the very left and right of the belt are more square instead of rectangular like the center ammo boxes, and the 2nd to last ammo box is a more fat rectangular shape versus the regular rectangular shape of the center boxes. 

-Above the thighs of the wearer are located 2 hanging ammo boxes from the ammo belt.

-Is made to fit the wearer.


Cod and butt armor:                                                                                                                                                                                                _

-Cod is slanted in shape, with a bump at the middle/bottom that is located in the area of the wearer's cod. The bump's top is shaped like so, /   \

-From the top of the cod armor to the top of the bump is 1 raised, straight line. It is located directly in the middle of the armor.

-Butt armor is made to fit the wearer, and curves around the sides of the butt, and the bottom middle has a slanted in section that extends a little bit in between the back legs. That section looks like so, \_/

-Cod and Butt armor are connected through a strap system in between the thighs of the wearer. 

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