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Channel 7 RAC Perth Christmas Pageant 2016


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EVENT: Channel 7 RAC Christmas Pageant


LOCATION: Perth, St Georges Tce / Adelaide Tce, from Mill Street to Ozone Reserve


DATE: 3rd December 2016


TIME: 7:30pm


LANDSCAPE/WEATHER: It did rain before the event, but we never had any as we left the convention centre to begin the pageant.


It looked dark and gloomy for a little while but the clouds parted to clear skies.



SL11307 - Amanda - Nomisha

SL98593 - Garry - GAZMAN

TR40515 - Mellisa - Miss Red

BH6618 - Matt - Alcfalath

TK85421 - Q - gmrhodes13

TK10469 - Ben - Benny TK

TK671 - Mark - TK671

TK77620 - Aaron - Darth Reign

TK98311 - Peter - Heinous

TD84000 - Kevin - DARTHTROOPER

TB13310 - Liz - Liz

TB20074 - Wayne - Whereswa11y

IC36367 - Luke - Verfolger

TI22414 - Sinead - sinurt

ID59226 - Jerry - jezzapm

TI14240 - Stuart - neeson69

BH79815 - Glenn - Fett79


Galactic Academy:

Gabriel - Jawa

Alex - Gunner

Smith - Gunner





Daryl (cog)


Phil (cog)

Stuart (sign)


REPORT: We, including two newbies (Jerry and myself), reported to the PCEC carpark at around 3:30 - 4pm and began to suit up around 4:15pm, before making our way up to check in by 5:30pm.


The pageant was yet to begin when we were treated to marching bands that were also participating in the pageant, playing our tunes as we walked up to take our positions.


Gymnasts and bagpipers practiced their routines while we joined in to pass the time. There was also time to pose for a few photos and selfies.


The crowd was ready and so were we, and that moment I had looked forward to did not disappoint as our names were shouted from every direction.


With the afore mentioned weather issues, this sadly kept some people away with some areas only single rows with plenty of gaps to fill up.


Though the popular vantage points were full and that was where the loudest cheers could be heard. The first troop in the 2014 was said to have been a little slower, as some of us, and other groups finished the 2.6 km walk a little exhausted. The long walk back was time to interact with the crowd and pose for more photos. The night was a great success and we all left smiling and full of the Sithmas Spirit!


REPORT BY: Glenn Waddington







christmas 4.jpg

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