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UK Garrison Field Report for End of October

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Better late than never I have a couple of reports from 2 big events for the UK garrison that took place in the last weekend of October.



MCM London Comic Con October 2016


On the weekend of Friday the 28th to Sunday 30th October the UK Garrison was again providing an imperial presence at MCM Comic Con London. This is one of the largest events on the calendar, MCM London is now the worlds 3rd largest con, with over 130,000 visitors over the weekend. Once again the Garrison teamed up with Rebel Legion, Reel Icons (characters from film and TV) and the UK Colonial Marines (Aliens Marines and Xenomorphs) to provide some high quality costumers for the day. As always this was a great showcase for the amazing work put in by our members outside of the Star Wars galaxy including a brand new Deadpool based on this years film.


Over the course of the weekend our squads patrolled the event, arresting trouble makers and ensuring younglings were encouraged over to the dark side.




Saturday was more eventful than usual. In the afternoon the Garrison was proud to present one of our main charities, The Royal British Legion, with a cheque for £15,000. The cheque was presented by CO Gary Hailes in front of a large crowd and backed by the full compliment of costumers.




Over the course of the weekend we also continued to collect donations for this years Poppy Appeal, raising a further £204.89 (plus 50 cents and a shopping trolley coin).




Finally in a moment that bought a tear to the eye TB 19176 - Andy Glenn proposed to his lovely lady Katie. In case you're wondering she said yes.




Chris - TK10911



Ultra Con Doncaster 2016


Ultra Con returned to Doncaster in the UK on Sunday 30th October 2016 with their most dazzling and ground-breaking experience to date. Featuring a great line up of world famous Star Cars and Heroes, including members from the UK Garrison of the 501st.


The event includes incredible life-size movie sets from Star Wars, Dr Who and Ironman, unbelievable movie props, and the return of their show-stopping staged parade extravaganza for the fans and cameras, showcasing a whole host of favourite sci-fi characters, iconic super heroes and villains.


Members of the UK Garrison were on hand to provide a touch of class Star Wars style, and included Darth Vader, original TK Stormtroopers, Royal Guard, First Order Stormtroopers, Sandtroopers, Biker Scouts, AT-AT and AT-ST pilots, Darth Revan, TIE Pilots and Kylo Ren. We also had Chewbacca and X-Wing Pilots from the Rebel Legion.


Apart from interacting with the crowds and posing for photos with the fans, two of the main attractions for our guys and gals were the fallen AT-AT in the snow, and the unbelievable, full size, fan built section of the Millennium Falcon.





(Members of the UK Garrison in front of the fan built life size Millennium Falcon prop. Photo copyright: Dan Wray)


A detailed and walkable entrance ramp, corridor and flight deck were assembled on site, and on the day the fans we able to relive their dream of sitting in the cockpit of the Falcon.



(UK Garrison troopers Will Humphreys (TK 10064) and Tony Lee (TK51007) guarding the entrance ramp)


Members of the UK Garrison took the opportunity to guard and later inspect the Corellian light freighter, reliving iconic scenes from ANH.



(UK Garrison troopers Will Humphreys (TK 10064) and Tony Lee (TK51007) make a search of the Falcon)


The UK Garrison have covered Ultra Con before and were delighted to have been asked back again this year.


Tony - TK51007

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GREAT job, Chris!  Those could very well be 2 of the absolute coolest props I have ever seen..  :jc_doublethumbup:   Kudos to the UKG for collecting over £15,000. for charity.. way to go!!!

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Wow! That is one awesome troop for sure. Those Falcon shots look straight out of the film. Hope you had better luck finding those darn rebels hiding under the floor! Thanks for posting!

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