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Seeking alternative to Velcro for closing the calves/greaves


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I finished assembling the calves/greaves on my AP armor and initially used Velcro to close them.  But I have found this to be too bulky and awkward.  I think there is a way to use hooks instead but I haven't been able to find a thread on this.  I was also wondering about a lacing system.  I would appreciate any alternatives to Velcro that members could suggest.  Thanks!

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Howzit Eirik!

I've been grappling with the same issue as you.  

First I considered this setup.  You'll see a pic of it at the end of the post.  It's a hybrid of bra hooks and velcro/elastic on the inside.

Then I was referred to a magnetic setup.

I'm in the middle of working on a magnetic setup as outlined in the link above for my shins.  Here's the thread so far.  I will probably add a few elastic straps with velcro inside to allow for flexing and re-closure.


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