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Two for the price of one - Alay and Nosferachew make HWT backpacks!

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Snowstorm making progress slower... Got the funnel tops primed, just need to rivet the bottom bits, paint, and rivet to the backpack!



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Finished up my pack and belt today, and sent it off for submission.











Rest of the photos here:




Finishing up my husband's tomorrow. Pop rivets didn't work worth a damn on most of the boxes, and self-drive screws neither... E6000 to the rescue, though the siphon and tube still feel a little "flimsy".


Should I be wearing the backpack higher? It feels like it sits a tad low when looking at photos.



Going to dirty it up after basic approval is complete. Got an event this weekend I need to be bright and shiny TK for

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pack #2 complete...




This time I used magnets to squeeze the non-boxy stuff to the pan, then screwed/glued them on.  Worked MUCH better.  Might just leave the magnets there for extra stability.


The belt and the shoulder pouches are also set.  Approval pictures coming tomorrow for Chewy when the E6000 dries :)



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and Chris has submitted his Heavy Weapon Trooper!








Full submission album here:  http://imgur.com/a/k2jU1



We managed to get his backpack situated pretty well compared to mine.  He's wearing his pouch "straight" as opposed to my angled one... as far as I can tell either is acceptable?


The pauldron he's using has a pretty big neck hole and sits a little weird, so I'm going to try bringing the closure smaller with some velcro.  Any suggestions for good pauldron makers? I'm not thrilled with these two.

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