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TK-76327 Troop Log


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TK-76327 "Buttons" Troop Log


Starting my log on here finally. I've saved at least one image from every troop I've done since joining in November of 2015. For this first post though, going to add some of my favorite shots over the past year.










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FANATIC POST!!! Sweet pauldrons too!




I'm sorry about your grandmother. My childhood best friend's dad had it too. I'll never forget that experience.

It's the troops, or even events, that hit close to us that inspire us to do more good in the world.


Troop on, brother. Troop on.


TK/TX 31201 : Star Garrison : North Texas Squad

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Some fun holiday trooping...


Salvation Army Bell Ringing in Council Bluffs, Iowa, on November 19th and December 3.









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TK-76327 Reporting...


Notable troops so far this year. More to come this weekend. Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week we have a hospital visit, baseball game and free comic book day which, for our squad, we do a three-state tour troop we call the Goat Gauntlet. Here are photos from recent troops.




January 14, 2017...Omaha Children's Museum, Star Wars night, I'm center next to Marshall.






March 11, 2017...Omaha St. Patrick's Day Parade.







April 22, 2017, Omaha Children's Museum Salute to the 501st Legion Fundraiser.




Blast-A-Trooper (I'm in the middle)







Imperial 80th Squad





With unquestioned loyalty,



End Transmission

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