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TK 20466 Trooper Log


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Time to have fun with the costume! :)




Entry 1:  Southington Drive-in Theatre

Date: 9/3/2016


Bread for Life was hosting a showing of The Force Awakens at the Southington CT Drive In Theatre.  Five of us from the CT Garrison were there while waiting for sundown and the movie starting to meet and greet with the families supporting the showing!


My first troop so I was a bit nervous going in, but I must say after dressing up and stepping out of our changing area I didn't stop smiling for the whole time we were in costume!




We had some fun greeting people at the entrance area while "investigating the missing droids"





Our Kylo was a huge hit with the kids







And the photo op with one of the organizers ;)



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Just got home from a weekend at ComicConn in Hartford (CT) with the CT Garrison.  We had some really awesome props up; a handmade Blast Doors set with a backdrop, as well as an Action Figure Card backdrop.  We held a Blast-a-Trooper event and me and several other troopers got stuck with nerf darts all weekend while raising a bunch for charity.


Group photo of some of our members infront of the blast doors:





A poor trooper being mocked after taking one for the team




Me blasted between the eyes by my husband (who was FIRST in line for the opportunity to shoot at me...)




Our amazing card backdrop




Had an absolute blast this weekend!  Can't wait for the next event :)

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Entry 3: Star Wars Reads day at Fairfield Public Library

Date: 10/15/2016


The Fairfield public library was hosting a fantastic event for the kids. A scavengerhunt, the chance to build your own lightsaber out of tubbing, various crafts, and a raffle for fun prizes.


They asked the CTG to join up for some on the scenes baddies! A fellow TK and I were able to try and recruit some new Imperials!









This little girl tackle-hugged us both immediately! Made us promise we'd be there next time! Heart meltingly adorable!







Overall a fantastic event. The Fairfield library did a great job in making a memorable and fun day for the children of the community!

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