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Tom Clancy's The Division - Division Agent


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Alongside my TK, I've been building another costume to wear to easily take a break from the TK and cool off. And with this costume, I get a bag to hold stuff, including lots of water! I plan on being a handler for a few friends while I'm in this costume, simply because it'd be an easy way to be both a pack mule and emergency assistance if necessary. Oh, and I can sit in this costume! Maybe.
It Begins...

The different parts of this costume are pretty simple. In The Division, you play as an agent sent in to the heart of a plague in NYC to help restore rule of law in an otherwise post-apocalyptic scenario of a virus wiping out... most people. The costume itself is fairly simple. You need some durable clothing, a jacket, a sling bag of some kind, pouches, a drop-leg holster, a mask (for contaminated areas), and a rifle. I'm sadly missing the ping device my in-game character uses, because I'm not going to be able to complete it in the next week or so, with the work on the TK being ongoing. (Unless I get some time this weekend...)

So here goes.


The References/What I'm basing this all on...

The below are all screenshots from the game Tom Clancy's The Division by Ubisoft/Red Storm Entertainment/Massive Entertainment. I don't own any of the IP shown here, nor is it meant to be a reproduction of the game in any way. Also, no spoilers are shown. I'm sorry for the low-quality images, I had to zoom in kinda far on the images to get what I meant to show.



Here's the overall reference for the watch, and a lot of the stuff on the character's head/face.



Backpack reference. Gonna need super-powerful magnets to make that gun-stick to the bag happen! (Just kidding. Probably zip-ties at this point.)



More backpack reference. I don't have a medpack or ping pack like shown here, nor do I really have the time to bang either out. (I might carve the ping pack out of EVA foam and add some greeblies like copper wire and wifi antennae.



Reference for the mask I made. Level IV contamination filter...



The front strap. I plan on making that quick rope ascension/descent device seen above the pouches out of EVA foam and paint. first

The Bag
The bag! Oh my ghawd, a bag. I get to carry things! All the things, even. This'll be a far cry from the TK.
That includes a hydration bladder, even! I'm happy 'bout this.
There are pouches all over the bag, too. This one holds a fake grenade and snacks behind that. (Snacks aren't in there yet.)
Because you can never have too much hydration, a water bottle contained in an insulator. I tried to get one that matched the game's colors as best I could.
Around front of the bag. There's a few magazine pouches, a pouch for my multitool (which will be in there), and a random misc pouch that's also seen in the game, which... I'm not sure what it contains in the game. I'll be using this for batteries for things like my watch or shoulder device. Still missing/need to make: The quick ascension/descent device and the shoulder communications device.
The Level IV contamination filter. Or... rather a 3M paint mask with the straps removed, painted black, some acid/vapor cannisters added/painted, and tape thrown on to give it some flare and to look like the game. I'm going to hang this off of the bag as well, since there's no way to realistically wear this without reattaching the straps and ruining the look of the mask itself. It's more a prop, anyway since I end up looking like a chipmunk with fat cheeks whenever I wear this. first
The Attire
The jacket. It needs a Division patch sewn into the arm. I'll be doing that this weekend once the TK approval pics are sent out.
The undershirt. I may need to switch to black because issues with the green and my vest. Which, you'll see.
The vest. ALL the pockets! No, seriously, this thing has six functional pockets. Not that I plan to use them all, just the one for my cell phone. I got this one to simulate the look of a kevlar vest, but it has a V that's too deep. It leaves my heart vulnerable. (Insert sappy analogy here.) It's why I may need to wear a black undershirt instead. The jeans seen in this picture will probably be the ones worn for the cosplay, too.
Gloves, because the character wears gloves exactly like this in-game. first


The Electronics!




Here's a quick video of the shoulder communicator in action. Pictures of the electronics themselves and the components drying from paint to follow. (Sorry, dunno how to do YouTube embeds here.)



Put the watch electronics together... don't mind the bad-looking burns to the left two LED's, dog bumped me while I was soldering there, and it's a tight fit. They still work fine, and you can't see them when installed in the watch body.



Watch internals again - this time the back. Made using parts from Adafruit. The 12-NeoPixel Ring and a 3.3v Trinket. If there's enough demand, I'll upload the Arduino sketch used for this to light it up and do the patterns.



The watch assembled! It's a Chinese knock-off of the Casio G-SHOCK, "G-SHORS." This was the closest I could get to the in-game watch without gutting a watch from the collectible edition of the game.



It's all lit up, uh-huh!



Here's the electronics in the Shoulder Comm Device from the video above. Used a 16-pixel NeoPixel ring (didn't bother with a white-included ring to save money...) and a Gemma V2. Like the watch above, if there's enough demand, I can post the code that makes this thing run.



Beginning to throw things together. Mostly assembled here.



And complete! This is before weathering and some added greeblies for wiring/etc.




The Random Misc. Items

The belt and drop-leg system. I couldn't decide if I wanted this under attire or misc. items, since there's more in display here than meets the eye. On what would be the right side of the belt when worn is a sidearm (also shown below) in a drop-leg holster with a spare magazine (that's mismatched, because... reasons.) Just behind that is a little flashlight pouch, which contains a decent Nitecore flashlight that may see some use if I'm wearing this at night somewhere that's not bright as hell. And on what would be the left side of the belt is an actual medkit, in this case a fully stocked first-aid pouch including ace bandage, cold compress, anti-inflammatory, etc. I'm hoping it doesn't have to come in handy, but it's available in case it's needed.
The fake sidearm, a thoroughly broken cheap-o airsoft gun whose safety is permanently locked on. Can't even rack the slide. It's modeled after an M&P 45, which my character uses in-game.
And the fake rifle. Also broken airsoft. I may be swapping this one out though for a different, lighter one. Either way, both have had their wires cut and the inner barrels removed. On this particular example, the plastic gears that run the gearbox are stripped, too. So even with a battery installed and if I didn't clip the wires, it still couldn't fire. Peace bonded for sure! And if that little mount plate on the side of my bag doesn't play nice, I'll probably just be zip-tying my rifle to my bag instead of using that anyway. first
What's missing?

There are a few things missing from this list which will likely get added as DragonCon gets closer. We'll be carving a quick ascension/descent device device out of EVA foam. And if I can find it, I'll be wearing my throat mic under a shemagh, going to a hidden radio among my equipment. I also need to sew an "SHD" patch onto the left arm of the jacket. There's definitely more to come! I'm also going to be editing this post itself with pictures of the other items as they're found/added/completed. first


Trial Fitting




Here we have the first trial fitting of the costume.



And from the side.



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Thanks! I finally actually got this one done. Was at DragonCon with it this year, and didn't expect to see as many Division cosplayers as I did this year. There were at least 20-ish.


Here's the two pictures I have that I was in...


Dat watch doe...



This one was my favorite. We hosted a Division-themed room party, made the room out to look like a safe house. It's hard to see, but there's a reload crate right behind me.

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