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Par_'s Rouge One Deathtrooper W.I.P. for 501st

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Hey Guys! So I am starting a build thread for my Death Trooper that will hopefully be 501st worthy of approval. Per 501st request, for people who are wishing to get new costumes approved by the 501st without a CRL, they are to document and share photos of their costume and how it was made. So that is what I will be doing (even though I am not a 501st member, nor will be able to for a year). I will be making this out of...... wait for it.......




....for sale signs....



I know..... outrageous huh? I have developed taking a liking to using For Sale signs if I can't afford the real stuff of anything armor related. I made a set of Ringwraith Gauntlets out of Record Dividers (for vinyl record collections), along with a Nazgul helmet, so hopefully I can use this technique of mine and incorperate it into Stormtrooper building. I will also be making some temporary molds out of foam and some clay like substance so that I can vac form certain pieces (chest, shoulder bells, and possibly the box on the back armor). I am hoping that with this costume in the end, I can submit to the 501st to see if they would approve it, along with ref pics that I used so that they can put together a CRL. But I am no expert, this is all just what I read in an article published on the main site :)


Anyhow, let's get this started!


So having had some experience with recycling plastic sheets from record collections, I will mention the methods for shaping them.


I would draw up a temporary template on a sheet of plastic, cut it out with Cutco scissors (very good, sturdy, and heavy duty kitchen scissors), and then sand it. Then it's up to the shaping. I would use a convection oven set around 275 degrees (depending on the thickness of plastic. If its in between thick and thin, it's best to bring it down to 260 degrees), and heat it in there until it was soft and pliable enough to shape by hand. I would then take it out, and with gloves on, shape it to the proper shape needed. That is the process I came up with, being inspired by how people heat plastic for vac forming.


But now is the time for the actual costume. I already slapped together most of the abdomen out of For Sale signs and left over record dividers, using a new technique I recently came up with. For making thicker sections, I sandwiched multiple pieces with Loctite superglue (I will eventually need to use the E6000), and along the edges, I put the glue in the seperations between the sandwiched pieces. The glue hardens pretty good, and it acts as a sort of filler in a way. Just be prepared to use a lot of it. Then the edges are sanded down flat, and hopefully it should look like 1 solid piece. However, there will be some cracks along the sandwiched pieces edges, so its best to add more glue in those areas. My apologies for the large pictures, I don't have photobucket yet :( But these pics show you what I mean. Here is the link to the reference I am using. I still haven't made certain details, but then again, this piece isn't finished.


More to come :) I'll post the reference images below.14021743_322378354767656_626048300073539




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Are you sure? In the Rouge One section here, they said that future builds will be posted here, and there already have been people starting Rouge One stormtrooper builds.


Yes, the DT is over at Spec Ops. Here's the link: http://forum.501stspecopsdet.net/index.php?/forum/111-death-trooper-rou/

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