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R1 Stormtrooper Bell and Bicep armour attachment


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just wondering if anyone has discussed the 'new' attachment method for the bicep to shoulder bell armour used on the new stormtrooper armour? Couldn't find anything in the various threads.


I took this pics at Celebration Europe, and noted that there is a new attachment method, compared to the established OT rig.


I hope that these pics are helpful to the forum. I have many others - currently posted on the RPF, but i can link these here if they are helpful?





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Yerrp, why do anything simple when you can over complicate things and ignore all the tried and tested ways that worked so well :rolleyes:






Evidence of this can also be found on the R1 Shoretrooper :D

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On 8/14/2016 at 6:12 PM, Tk Gino said:


Does anybody know what the metal artifact on the strapping is?






Available from all major Dry Cleaning outlets :)

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